On Being a Nerd and Ass Grabbing.

“Not in the butt.” – Ash.

Yeah, and that’s not completely out of context. /sarcasm

Had an office Christmas party today and I stuffed myself full of chicken and chocolate and played Guitar Hero while co-workers (along with the president and dean of the college) cheered. It was a good time and I got paid. I love my job. I’m gonna miss it.

I’m currently updating the SBird Crew to WordPress 2.7 It’s duller than it sounds (I suppose that means I’m just a nerd because I think it actually does sound exciting). I really like the new look. It’ll take awhile to re-learn everything and figure it out, but the whole thing is so damn customizable, it’s hard to not like it. For once, change is good.

Since there aren’t a lot of great photos from the drag show, have one that I took of Ash right before the show. Her Boi Band name is Baby D, which is why I wrote it on the back of her shirt. Isn’t she adorable?

Baby D

Night all.

Kings of Drag.

My girlfriend and I are part of a drag troupe called Lumberdrag. Our last show of this year is on Saturday, so this week is going to be extremely hectic trying to get everything together, learn last minute lyrics, and just practice. Ash has been doing drag since 2004 and my first show was in 2005, and we’ve basically been doing acts together since then. It’s tons of fun and it’s a deeply rooted passion for both of us – we’re hoping that we can find a GOOD troupe once we get to Austin. Otherwise, we’ll just make our own.

Ash and I

I say GOOD, because Lumberdrag is probably the second greatest Drag Troupe in the entire U.S., second only to All the King’s Men from Boston. It’s sad that a tiny ass drag troupe from a college with a student body of 700 is better than some of the well-known troupes from large cities. And it’s true – so many people have said it and looking up drag kings on YouTube just cements it as fact. Pathetic, yes, but that’s why we really want to find a GOOD troupe or just make our own.


Anyway, the show is on Saturday and we’re putting last minute touches on the songs we’re doing and trying to get the dances done for the boi band. Oh yes, the Boi Band: P*A*H. The Boi Band has been the highlight of the show since it’s creation in 2003. Ash has been in the Boi Band since the second show, and I got asked to join the band for my third show and I’ve been in it ever since. Ash is the baby face/bad ass of the group, and I’m simply known as the Pretty Boi (I’m famous for my hair, you see). Interesting fact: the drag show is a huge factor in getting Ash and I together; we grew closer because of it. Thank you, Drag Show!

Boi Band

Anyway, I’m hoping I can get my blogging done in between practices, but we’ll have to see. It’s going to be busy busy. Draven (Ash) and Kid Taylor (Me) are going to rock this town!

Other than drag stuff, I got dragged to a baby shower today by my boss. “If I have to go, you have to go,” he said and pulled me into the room by my arm. It was okay though, and there was yummy food and good company. I like my co-workers. They’re a fun group.

Right, back to practice.

Pomegranate green tea is good. Life update.

I’m going to quickly mention that it’d be worth a look at the comments of my last post (on the Matthew Shepard Act) because there is a really interesting conversation between myself and Joshua. We both have some really good points and I enjoyed that. So I thought I’d mention it.

I actually don’t have a lot to write about right now. I haven’t been keeping up with my usual news reports because my life is currently being taken up by drag practice. The drag show is this Friday with a second showing on Saturday, which happens to be my birthday. So I’ll be exhausted and sleeping during the day I’m sure. I have had sometime for WoW, but not nearly enough and my warlock is still only lvl 24 (and she’s been that way for awhile). Not enough time at all.

Since there isn’t much to say, I’ll leave you with this little message: Life’s short. Get a divorce.

May is here & the drag show!

The weather is still fluctuating here in good old Northern Wisconsin. It’s May, but it barely feels like it, though we have had a few good showers. Winter term is over, Spring Break came and went (and was fantastic and spent with my family and my girlfriend), and now May is here and along with it, Spring Term. Which means two classes: Dreams and Dreamwork and Wilderness Navigation.

Both are what exactly they sound like. So this month I will be dreaming about getting lost in the woods. Wonderful.

May also means Drag season. Drag practices start tonight (in a half an hour) and will be continuous until May 18th, the night of the show. May 19th happens to be my birthday which I will spend with my girl who got the weekend off of work so she could be with me.

For Drag, I’m going to do Michael Buble’s version of “Fever” and something else, though I’m not sure what. I am also in the boi band (the one with the good hair), and tonight we’ll be practicing “Everybody” and I’ll come out of it with grapefruit-size bruises on my knees since that’s how it always is. Ah the pains of being anemic.

I’ve missed this spring-feel. The wonderful smells and the much anticipated signs of green. May is my favorite month. This, however, is going to be a busy one though because I’m currently in the process of packing and moving to Superior. Do I really have this much stuff? Where did it all come from? How much can you really fit into a cubicle-sized dorm room? Apparently a lot. Most of which will be going into storage so I don’t take up the entirity of Tiff’s place. I hate moving, but it’s for a good cause.

I hope everyone has a fantastic May. What are your plans for the month?