Samhain Blessings! The Wheel Keeps Turning.

Today I turn my thoughts to those who came before me and made the footsteps I follow in. I am grateful to my ancestors for the work they did to provide me with lessons that guide my moral compass on the path I now walk. Today the veil is thin between our worlds and I feel them closer than ever.

As the Sun God and Mother Earth fall asleep and the Dark Ones bring forth the longer nights, I am thankful for the things in my life that keep me moving forward, especially my friends. A new year approaches with new excitement, new obstacles, and new opportunities. Everything changes and this time of the year is a good reminder that nothing stays the same forever.

“To my ancestors
Who mark the path before me,
My breath is your breath.
My bones are your bones.
We are all relations.
I drink water for you.
I take in food for you.

Together we share the fire within.
Together we stand in the light.
The bright stars are what we are from
And the Dark of night is where we return.

Tonight I honor my ancestors
And celebrate the gift of remembrance.
Your blood runs in my veins,
Your spirit is in my heart,
Your memories are in my soul.
May your blessing be upon me.”

My soul speaks with the ones who have passed but my heart beats for the living who surround me. I spent last night with good friends to reflect with, good food to feast on, and the magic of bright fires in all of us. We had a Samhain fire before it rained and gave offerings to the flames, ate marshmallows, and feasted on good cold-weather food while playing a special Halloween DnD one-shot game (I was a werewolf barbarian who had a thing for black cats).

Blessed Samhain, my friends, and have a safe and happy Halloween! 🎃

May The 4th Be With You!

May is my favorite month for several reasons. One, it’s my birthday month. May 19th (write it down). Two, it’s Geek Pride Day on the 25th (grab your towel). And Three. Today. Best holiday ever.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Some Resolutions and a Chickadee


Happy New Year! Resolutions? Sure. Why not. 1. More Art. 2. Less candy (crap, failing this already). 3. Be more fit (got kicked out of bootcamp on the first day because of a hurt disc but I’m joining a yoga/stretching class so we’re doing good on this one). 4. Bring back The Family Menagerie. 5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (agh). 6. DANCE MORE.

I don’t think any of those need elaborate explanations. Mainly, my focus this year will be on health and personal growth. I want to be healthier both in mind and body and so I’m turning to things that make me happy. Drawing of course is good for the soul, as is dancing (and singing – which I’m quietly going to try to do more of – Ash got me a ukelele for Christmas so I’m teaching myself to play), and making mistakes is important for growing (I’m horrible at allowing myself mistakes). I have a horrible reputation for not taking care of myself physically so I’m making that a priority this year. Get healthy. Eat more veggies. Treat my body with respect. Be Good. And all of that jazz. Excitement!

I’m slightly less excited about the whole “less candy” thing.

My favorite part of the resolution is drawing more. Keep an eye on this space as it’ll be updated again in the very near future with more sketches. For now though, since really this post is about my favorite things and being happy, you should all check out my tumblr since that’s my virtual happy place. It’s full of shiny, happy things.


Oh! And before I forget. My other resolution is to join my co-editor Rondal in bringing you all awesome new content on Fuel Your Illustration. We’ve already done a great job for January and it’s only the start. Do you have ideas for content or want to contribute? Contact me or Rondal – we’d love to include you and your work! Also follow us on twitter for more artsy-fartsy updates.

And that, ladies and gents, concludes this first “life” post of the year. How have you been? Have any resolutions you can’t wait to kick into gear?

Happy Fairy Day!

Me and Twig

According to my spiffy Twig the Fairy calendar, today is Fairy Day! If you know me, you know of my love for all things magical and fantastical and child-like. Twig (who you can see in the above picture – she’s on the left) is my favorite part of all the Renaissance Faires I attend and I always make it a point to find her. More often than not, she is surrounded by children with their parents standing just beyond the circle, oftentimes more awestruck of her than the kids.

Make sure you spread the love and happiness today. You can find out more about the beautiful Twig at her website, facebook, or twitter. Have a happy and glittery Fairy Day!

Happy Picard Day!

“Captain Picard Day is celebrated on June 16th because it is the equivalent date to Stardate 47457.1, mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled The Pegasus. In that episode, Captain Picard Day is an occasion for the Enterprise to host schoolchildren and show them what Starfleet is like.” –

I don’t know about you, but I’ll use any excuse to celebrate that man that is Captain Jean-luc Picard. I will of course be spending the rest of the day listening to the Picard Song on repeat. What are you going to do?

Happy Memorial Day!

Keeping you in hearts and minds on this day. Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Towel Day!

Need I say more? Mr. Douglas Adams is one of my biggest inspirations and favorite authors. His work has a long-standing of residing on my bookshelves. My favorite is not one of his most popular, though it should be. If you ever get a chance, read Last Chance to See, and catch the BBC series with Stephen Fry. Adams was an amazing author and his legacy will go on forever – to the restaurant at the end of the world even.

Always remember: Don’t panic. We love you D.A. Hope the universe is just as exciting on the other side.

Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars day, to all you crazy fans out there! May the 4th be with you! Check out the short Wiki page if you’re not sure what this day is. And don’t forget – there’s another Star Wars day on the 25th of this month. Just another reason why May is my favorite month (other than the fact that it’s my birthday month).

In which we drop from 22 to 21.

Morgan and Me

Morgan Niels-Jeske
“The Valentine Baby”
January 1, 2008 – February 5, 2010
Adopted into our family February 14, 2008

She no longer has the burden of an old body, but I’m going to miss her so much. Here’s an excerpt from the journal entry I wrote about her on Valentine’s Day of 2008. The best Valentine’s Day ever.

In my hands was a tiny, beautiful baby girl rat. Seriously, all I did was stare at her for the longest time. I couldn’t formulate any thoughts and I hardly dared hope that she was mine, so I kept asking stupid questions like “Where’d she come from?” and “What is she doing here?” I know I kind of made Ash nervous that I didn’t like her, but I was just in shock. And then when it finally started to dawn on me that this little girl was mine, I began to tear up and almost started crying. She’s so beautiful. She’s mostly white with a dark gray hood with a white line like a scar down her face to her nose and a dark gray spot on her back. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

We love you, Morgan.

In which I get a table for Christmas.

First of all. This. THIS. Oh my god.

Pretty Pretty Drawing Table

This is the ultimate Christmas present. I tweeted about it a couple of times a few months ago when I was looking for a cheap drawing table I could possibly get myself for Christmas. This was anything but cheap, but it was my dream table, and it was love at first sight and I kept opening the Futura Craft Station Amazon page up and reading Ash the specs out loud; “It’s 38″ by 24″ – it’s big!” “It’s got a pretty glass top!” “OH MY GOD YOU CAN MAKE IT A LIGHTTABLE!” I couldn’t get it out of my head. I showed it to my co-worker at work who found that they carried it at an art store in town (though when we went to check it out later, they were only selling it online), and while I knew there was no way in hell that I’d be able to afford it, I knew it was THE ONE.

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