Okay not really, but maybe that got your attention. Remember when I said I was going camping and I lied and stayed home instead? Yeah, well now instead of telling you I’d be gone, I just up and deserted the blog. I’m actually in Austin at the moment – I drove another car-full of crap down to storage and I also had an interview (which I must say was probably the best experience I’ve ever had in an interview – everyone was so chill and laid back and easy to laugh). I’m going back to the good old Smokey Mountains on Sunday, but until then, I’ve been hanging out with Ash’s family, going to a Queen Sing-a-Long with her brother (you are all so jealous of my stick-on Freddie Mercury mustache), and attempting to not melt my brain in this heat (and gosh, it’s hot!). I’ve also been looking through the paper and online trying to find us a place to stay. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with Ash’s dad, and tomorrow her sister and I are going to go house hunting.

All of this is to say that there is a reason behind my lack of blog posts (though it is by no means an excuse since I was going to try and have some set up to post while I was gone but I simply ran out of time and, well, didn’t do it). Hopefully you can forgive me – I’ll try and make up for it in the coming weeks by posting at least once a day when I get home.

This post is so sad you don’t even get a picture. No time, no time. But to make up for it, have a really bizarre Jackie Chan commercial.

I’m still not quite sure what just happened, but Jackie Chan kicking butt on a Segway? There’s nothing else quite as cool.

battle with a paper-eating machine.

Another thing I hate. Printing in bulk. I designed flyers to send out to Athletic Alumni and I have to print out 1,387 of them to go in a mailing. The printer, the only color printer in the entire building, however, has decided that instead of just printing 1,387 flyers, it must also print out 1,387 blank pages between each flyer. Because when this gigantic hunk of crap from the year 2000 gets too hot, it prints out a blank page to cool itself down.

Apparently, one flyer with two colors on it is far too much for a machine like this to take. So while I could be finishing up my game of Sodoku in peace, I have to get up every two seconds to check on the printer and make sure it’s not dying under the pressure of all these flyers. Sometimes, it gets so hot, that it must print out multiple blank pages before it will actually take a stab at printing the actual flyer.

I have more blank pages printing out then flyers. Since I don’t want to risk completely blowing up the machine, I’ve just been printing out flyers in bulk of 100 instead of all at once. God helps whoever tries that. I think the printer might just take out the whole building in a large red ball of flames and paper cuts.

I’m never going to finish this game of Sodoku. Blah.

On a side note, I’m also completely sunburned, our oldest ferret Jingles just passed away, and my girlfriend is sick. I know I will be soon too since I catch everything. August isn’t proving to be the greatest month. Here’s hoping there’s improvement (there better – Ash’s birthday is on the 18th!).

Right – back to fight the printer into actually doing its job. Agh.