bow chika bow bow.

Housemates are annoying. Especially when they throw big elaborate beer parties and let people eat your food, use your salsa, and throw your towel on the floor to soak up a disgusting pile of puke. Ash and I are pretty peeved by it all. The house reeks of alcohol, pot, and bad B.O. At least they’re cleaning it up now. The house is a mess. I plan on writing up a little list of the things they owe us (including a new towel). It’s just gross.

Boys are disgusting.

Not to mention Ash had a slight scare last night when the carbon monoxide detector went off. She couldn’t exactly open the door to let in fresh air because of the stupid party, so she opened her window (outside of which there were people peeing in the bushes), and turned the fan on. She then sneaked the rats and the dog over to my room and we came back this morning to check up on the cats and the ferrets. Everyone’s fine, thankfully, but it was still scary.

I want a tablet. Badly. Anyone have any referrals for different tablets? I really like the Wacom Intuos line, but they’re expensive. But I want one. Mouse Art just ain’t cutting it anymore.

An update, really? How exciting!

I’m currently working on a rather large and time-consuming rehaul of Amadaun.Net. New content will include actual art, photographs, and a small selection of stories and poetry. A design has been created but I’m already questioning just how much I like it so by the time I get around to finishing everything, it might already have changed. We’ll see. Don’t expect anything for awhile, as I said, it’s pretty time-consuming (of time that I currently don’t have).

What time I do have is usually spent neglecting school, procrastinating on the site, playing World of Warcraft, painting, and taking long naps with the Love of my Life (who likes to steal the blankets and kick in her sleep). Sleeping is generally hard when you have a cat who believes it’s his right to situate himself as a hat on your head in the middle of the night, and another cat who will loudly inform you at 4:30 in the morning that she is hungry. Ash rightly said this morning, with her head buried beneath the pillow, “Dog is man’s best friend because they let man sleep.” Which is true. The dog will sleep till noon, right along with us. The ferrets and the rats are nocturnal and make it damn near impossible to stay asleep with their scratching and rustling and fighting (no, not together). Which is why we take long naps during the day and stay awake all night.

I can’t wait till we get a house of our own and we aren’t all cooped up in one room (and have to deal with a male housemate who doesn’t flush the toilet). We’ve been looking at apartments for the summer in Ashland and the Twin Cities, but we haven’t found much we can afford (or that allows the number of animals we have). We both want to go to Tennessee but it’d be harder finding jobs there. If anyone has some insight to these locations and possible places to rent, please let me know.

Other than that I’ve been painting again so just maybe I’ll start opening up some commission work. I’m not sure if that’s being too optimistic or what, but cross your fingers and hope.

That’s it for now. Be well.

what a year.

Hi! Yeah, I’ve been pretty much gone for a long time now. No time for blogging and little time for writing reflections on my computer. This has been quite a year though. I’ve been to many new places and met a lot of new people. I ended a long-term relationship but found love unexpectedly and have been enjoying that ride with a passion I never thought I had. I have re-thought what I want to do with my life and have come to several different options, and I’m also wondering if the Northwoods is really the place for me.

The New Year brings about a lot of promises. I can’t wait to see where it all goes, for good or bad. Breathe Deep, Seek Peace. It’s been my motto for years now and I’m still chanting it in my head when I get too stressed. This year challenged it in a lot of ways and many times I failed at lettings things go, and I’m still holding on to grudges that I know shouldn’t affect me. But what can you do but keep pushing forward?

Here are a few topics that I hope I get to write about at some point in the new year: Montessori schools and teaching techniques, updates on World of Warcraft (I haven’t played in almost four months!), Jethro Tull and Nami Tamaki, the Presidential elections, and possibly some different Natural History topics on some animals and plants. So stay tuned! I’m going to try and get back in the habit of blogging once I get back to school and a steady internet connection.

Hope everyone has a great end of the year.