I’m sure I’ll be doing a much more thorough review of MailChimp, but as it stands, it’s probably one of the best email services out there. Not only is it the easiest one I have ever used (as opposed to both Constant Contact and Mail Campaigner), but it’s also got a sense of humor that all the other services severely lack.

The templates are easy to customize, the finish product is streamline and professional looking, and the dashboard has the easiest navigation with help at every corner. I also really appreciate the reports they have for the number of opened emails, number of bounced emails, and who clicks on the links in the email.

I’m really enjoying the look and feel of this service. It was a snap to sign up, and I keep refreshing my dashboard just to see what the admin chimp has to say next.

So far, MailChimp has my approval. I’m currently using it for my personal site, and I’ve got the Alumni Association of Northland College signed up with it (I’m in charge of their newsletters), and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this email service.

/end blatant advertisement.