I understand that you’re gonna see and hear what you want, no matter what the truth is, but come one. No matter who you are, McCain is not a good speaker. He doesn’t have the charisma for it, nor the presence. He doesn’t talk on a beat and he’s hard to listen to. I’m not saying he’s not entirely effective (if he weren’t, I doubt he’d be where he is now), but Obama is more successful at public speaking.

But that may just be how I see it. Who knows. I’ve been trying to not be one of those liberal defenders of Obama and his Hope parade, but just watching him, he knows how to get to people. He’s a good speaker. That’s that.

Plus. McCain looks like a robot.

And yet another Political post.

Apparently I can’t help but talk about my political standpoint. I admit it – Obama is slowly growing on me. At first, I couldn’t stand either candidate, though Obama had some good points on social equality and McCain had a good stance on environmental awareness. But McCain’s decision of Sarah Palin as a running mate cemented my vote for Obama.

Now there’s even more that has opened my eyes to what life would be like if McCain succeeded in becoming president.

McCain on Gay Rights.

I am deeply disappointed, but at the same time, hopeful that Obama will win. His continuing support of America’s Gay citizens (and the equality of all people) has gained him a vote from this lesbian blogger. I wasn’t too sure of his pick of Joe Biden, but Biden has experience in politics that will help Obama in the long run I think. He needs to have that sort of backing, even though his lack of experience has slowly started to fade the more I hear him talk and the more I read.

Anyway, back to work. I really need to start blogging more.

McCain Loses the Backing of Nerds.

It probably isn’t the smartest idea in the world to insult the people who have no lives and spend much of their time trying to figure out how to gain world domination and kill off giant dragons and ogres. Because it’s usually those people who are pretty handy with computers and swords alike.

Just a thought.

But maybe Michael Goldfarb didn’t realize that before he made a slam towards the biggest campaigners in the world: Dungeons and Dragon players.