Okay not really, but maybe that got your attention. Remember when I said I was going camping and I lied and stayed home instead? Yeah, well now instead of telling you I’d be gone, I just up and deserted the blog. I’m actually in Austin at the moment – I drove another car-full of crap down to storage and I also had an interview (which I must say was probably the best experience I’ve ever had in an interview – everyone was so chill and laid back and easy to laugh). I’m going back to the good old Smokey Mountains on Sunday, but until then, I’ve been hanging out with Ash’s family, going to a Queen Sing-a-Long with her brother (you are all so jealous of my stick-on Freddie Mercury mustache), and attempting to not melt my brain in this heat (and gosh, it’s hot!). I’ve also been looking through the paper and online trying to find us a place to stay. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with Ash’s dad, and tomorrow her sister and I are going to go house hunting.

All of this is to say that there is a reason behind my lack of blog posts (though it is by no means an excuse since I was going to try and have some set up to post while I was gone but I simply ran out of time and, well, didn’t do it). Hopefully you can forgive me – I’ll try and make up for it in the coming weeks by posting at least once a day when I get home.

This post is so sad you don’t even get a picture. No time, no time. But to make up for it, have a really bizarre Jackie Chan commercial.

I’m still not quite sure what just happened, but Jackie Chan kicking butt on a Segway? There’s nothing else quite as cool.

Home for Christmas.

So let me tell you a story. A story that involves a lot of snow and driving. And Christian billboards.

We left Ashland Saturday night in the midst of a bad blizzard. But that’s not even the beginning. We were supposed to leave two days earlier but the weather, we were told, was horrendous so we shouldn’t even attempt it. It didn’t get any better but we didn’t want to stay around and wait for it to blow over so on Saturday we packed everything up and were almost ready to go when I went out to start Ash’s car. Yeah, that didn’t work, and after an hour of near-panic we got it started and were out of the house after dark.

We had hoped the weather would get better the farther south we got, but boy were we wrong. What should have been a six hour drive from Ashland to my parent’s house turned in to a 24 hour drive because we had to stop three hours after starting and pull into a motel the weather was so bad. We snuck all twelve of the kids in and slept for a few hours. We were up and out by noon and got to my house and promptly fell asleep (after celebrating an early Christmas with my family and opening up presents). The very next day we were up at 6 in the morning and were out on the road driving the three hours to Chicago. In Chicago, we got everything packed out of my dad’s van, packed into the trailer later on, and were once again, back on the road by 6 at night to Tennessee.

The drive to Tennessee was pretty uneventful except for the falling asleep at the wheel a couple of times and having to pull off twice at truck stops to catch a few winks, and, of course, the increasing number of Christian Biblical billboards warning the unbelieving that Hell is real (it’s real!)! Normally it’s ten hours from Chicago to Crossville, TN, but with the sleeping it took longer and we finally made it to our destination at about 9 in the morning yesterday. It’s been really nice today just sitting around and eating and watching TV. Ash and I bought new pants for ourselves and I picked up another small gift for Ash. Tomorrow we’re going to her Aunt’s and Uncle’s for Christmas and then on Friday morning we leave for Texas. It’ll be more driving but that’s okay, at least we’ve got a break before then, and it’s TEXAS. I cannot wait to go.

I got to talk to a ton of people back home on the phone and my dad is gonna call tonight when he reads my sisters The Night Before Christmas so I can listen in. It’s our Christmas Eve tradition, so at least I can still take part in that. It’s weird not being home for Christmas, but I’m really happy I get to spend it with Ash and her family – I definitely feel like one of family when I’m here. Everyone is just wonderful and makes me feel so at home. It’s great.

Ash is being adorable right now singing Christmas carols. I’m so happy. I hope everyone is having a beautiful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas from Ash, me, and our family. May your season be as happy as ours. <3

Go Team Go!

Man, I’ve still Austin on the brain like crazy. Here, have another picture:

Lake Travis


I finally finished my black and white film portfolio and put it up and was surprised by the large amount of positive feedback I got, from my photos, and from my deeply personal artist statement I put up. I’m really happy with the overall statement and quality of my prints. Maybe when I get them back I’ll put them online so others can see them.

Alright, the rest of the day will be dedicated to cleaning. Good luck to us. We will get this house in order!

Texas on my Mind.

I know I’ve been a grouch the last few days and I apologize. Today has actually been quite a good day. I skipped out on a boring class to make some money this morning, and I had a sudden realization as I sat at the computer creating the new Alumni 2009 Reunion brochure. I’m going to be in Texas in a few weeks. I’m going to be in Austin, Texas with my Ash celebrating Christmas. Texas! You have no idea how excited I am over this. I was almost screaming with happiness at Ash over the phone when I figured it out. Texas. Oh I can’t wait.


And on an entirely different, and more geeky note, who else is excited for WordPress 2.7? I still haven’t updated to 2.6.5, but I’ll try and squeeze that in tonight among all the packing and cleaning that has taken over the house. I have to get mine updated as well as Ash’s, Meg’s, and Mac’s (the SBird Crew as I refer to them as in my own little world). Gotta love WordPress. How can anyone say Blogger is better?

Alright, I’m gonna work for another half an hour and then head over to the dark room to make my final prints for tomorrow’s class. That way I have roughly three to four hours to get some work done there before I pick up Ash from the kennels. Okay, go team!

Morning Grumbles.

I am so sick of being sick it’s not even funny.

Woke up this morning late because my alarm thought it would be hilarious to wake me up at an hour after it was supposed to, but still say that it was exactly when I set it. Yes. Ha ha ha, you’re so funny, Alarm Clock. Thank you for that little morning joke. I have someone I’d like to introduce you to. Meet Mr. Hammer.

Felt like shit when I did get up and my throat hurts so bad. There’s white stuff all in the back and I’m running another small fever, but I’m up and doing work. I don’t want to be here. I want to go back home and curl up and stay warm. It’s so cold. I hate cold. I hate a lot of things right now. That’s okay, I still have the rest of the day to cheer up. I hate snow too. STOP SNOWING.


I want to go with them. Is it time to go South yet? I’m going home now.

Increase of productivity.

It has been a productive day! Woke up this morning, had a breakfast of biscuits and honey (yum!), and then started cleaning like mad. I shut myself up in our bedroom and folded all the laundry, hung it all up, and organized the dirty stuff. I then went through what boxes could be packed, organized boxes that already had stuff in them, and cleaned the shelves and side table. Then I went to go clean Kendi’s cage which is in our room (to keep her warmer) and look what I found:


Kendi’s first shed! Yeah, I was really happy because it means she’s healthy. So now she’s eating right and on schedule and she’s shedding. I was worried about her eye caps because I had that problem with other snakes, but she did fine and they came off with the skin. She’s really pretty and bright now but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of her before she curled up in her macaroni box. What a good snake.

After that excitement, we got the hallway, the bathroom, and the kitchen done. We’re working on the living room now (well actually, I’m blogging, and Ash is working on the living room – she does the vacuuming and when she’s done I’m gonna clean the ferret cage). It’s been a really good cleaning day and our room is probably the cleanest it’s been in a long time. I’m proud of us for actually getting so much done. I even re-did my blog info since it was pretty outdated. If I have time after dinner, I’ll work some more on the free wordpress themes I’ll be putting up. Anyone interested in them? I’m also thinking about holding a contest – anyone be interested? And if so, any ideas for the winner?

Okay, back to cleaning. (Don’t forget to vote for!)

Dreaming of Mountains and Stars.

Yesterday I finished my first free wordpress theme, and I started on my second last night. I’m gonna wait to put it up though until later because this morning, Ash and I are going to clean house. We’ll be moving in two months and today we’re going to start cleaning up and packing some things away.

Ashland is beautiful in the fall, but we’ll be going to Tennessee in December where it will be warmer and I love the mountains. MOUNTAINS. It’s temporary until we end up in Austin, Texas where we want to make our home permanently. That won’t happen until late 2009 I believe, but I really can’t wait. There are so many more options down there for us, and so many more opportunities. We’ve even started dreaming (and slightly getting ahead of ourselves) and looking up real estate in Austin. Some of the homes even on the lower end of our estimated budget are really nice. I’m crossing my fingers that it will all work out. It will.

But right now, in this moment, our house is filthy and we need to clean.

An update, really? How exciting!

I’m currently working on a rather large and time-consuming rehaul of Amadaun.Net. New content will include actual art, photographs, and a small selection of stories and poetry. A design has been created but I’m already questioning just how much I like it so by the time I get around to finishing everything, it might already have changed. We’ll see. Don’t expect anything for awhile, as I said, it’s pretty time-consuming (of time that I currently don’t have).

What time I do have is usually spent neglecting school, procrastinating on the site, playing World of Warcraft, painting, and taking long naps with the Love of my Life (who likes to steal the blankets and kick in her sleep). Sleeping is generally hard when you have a cat who believes it’s his right to situate himself as a hat on your head in the middle of the night, and another cat who will loudly inform you at 4:30 in the morning that she is hungry. Ash rightly said this morning, with her head buried beneath the pillow, “Dog is man’s best friend because they let man sleep.” Which is true. The dog will sleep till noon, right along with us. The ferrets and the rats are nocturnal and make it damn near impossible to stay asleep with their scratching and rustling and fighting (no, not together). Which is why we take long naps during the day and stay awake all night.

I can’t wait till we get a house of our own and we aren’t all cooped up in one room (and have to deal with a male housemate who doesn’t flush the toilet). We’ve been looking at apartments for the summer in Ashland and the Twin Cities, but we haven’t found much we can afford (or that allows the number of animals we have). We both want to go to Tennessee but it’d be harder finding jobs there. If anyone has some insight to these locations and possible places to rent, please let me know.

Other than that I’ve been painting again so just maybe I’ll start opening up some commission work. I’m not sure if that’s being too optimistic or what, but cross your fingers and hope.

That’s it for now. Be well.