Today’s musical line-up brought to you by the letter C. Because cats. And cookies. And cupcakes. And coffee. And caffeine. Pretty much all good things in life. Yay coffee! Anyway this is what’s in my ears right now. Good tunes.

There will be times you might leap before you look…

“Call it surrender but you know that that’s a joke / And the punchline is you were never actually in control / But still, surrender anyway”

Do It Anyway, Ben Folds Five

I honestly can’t believe I haven’t shared this before since I absolutely love the video (ANNA KENDRICK CAMEO FTW!) – I adore Fraggle Rock so I posted this thing like fifty times on Twitter and Facebook because I was obsessed with it. I hadn’t actually listened to the song in awhile though and it came on this morning and it was so very appropriate to things in my life right now. I avoid so much and over-think and overanalyze and sometimes I just forget to do. So this is a good reminder.

Got the sense I was not her type by the black eye and bloody nose…

“It’s suffocating to say, / But the female mystique takes my breath away. / So give me a smile or give me a sneer, / ‘Cause I’m trying to guess here.”

Deer in the Headlights, Owl City

Again, a song that came on and I felt was relevant to my life. I think we’ve all felt this way before – like a deer trapped in the headlights and whether the outcome is good or bad, it’s life and it’s not easy to guess what other people are thinking unless they give you a black eye. Or something. You get what I’m saying.

What are you listening to today? And go!

Musical Monday

I spent the weekend at the Body Mind Spirit Expo so be patient with me if I seem a little loopy and hokey (though I prefer spiritually enlightened, thank you very much). I made a playlist filled with music that inspires me but really all I’m doing is playing these two songs on repeat over and over again. Feel good music. Good for the soul. I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual and I find a lot of spirituality in music, so there you are. Have a listen.

Let Your Faith Guide Your Faith

I think most people know The Mowgli’s because of their song San Fransisco, but this one, Carry Your Will, is my favorite of their music. It’s uplifting – I find myself turning it up as loud as I can and closing my eyes just to feel it.

Then it was dark and we could see no more / But somehow we found each other / Somehow we found hope / If you carry your will, I will carry my will…

Take a Blue Canoe Around the World

AGH. This song. It hits me where it hurts but it’s such a good wake-up call when I need it. Plus it’s Grace Potter and Willie Nelson so of course it’s gonna be an awesome song. We’re all our own Ragged Company sometimes and I love this song.

O’ lord I think I’m falling, to my disbelief / I’m cursing like a sailor and lying like a thief / It’s hard to heed the calling from the better side of me / When I’m blaming everybody else, and no one’s coming clean…

What are you listening to today?

The Love Letter Scavenger Hunt!

I’ve written about Olga Nunes and her soul-inspiring musical adventure LAMP before. Her music leaves this insatiable wanderlust in my heart and I can’t get enough. So I’m excited to write about the newest leg of her melodious journey is about to begin! And if you’re in San Francisco this Saturday, February 8th, you’re in luck! You could be apart of it!


Join Olga on The Love Letter Scavenger Hunt! It’s “a one-day, whimsy-fueled careen through the Mission, where intrepid adventurers will be given clues to find mysterious lost love letters hidden in parks, alleys,and shops.” As someone who took part in sending bits of poetry to the project, I wish more than anything that I could be apart of this and read the stories myself. This is a project from the heart, and I hope if you get a chance, you’ll go. And take lots of pictures!


You can see a video about the project here: and more about Chapter One of LAMP here. You can, of course, follow Olga on twitter and the project twitter page.

For more details about the Love Letter Scavenger Hunt, check out official tumblr flyer.

This is a true musical adventure come to life. Go live the story!

Like fun projects and helping others live their dreams? Want to learn about geeky stuff through the eyes of a local Austinite? Don’t forget about the 2nd Annual Send Nikki to SXSW fundraiser! Help a coyote out?

Music!Inspired: Olga Nunes & LAMP

Every once in awhile, you discover an artist or album that resonates with you, a voice that hits your heart. Olga Nunes is a singer, songwriter, and designer from San Fransisco, whose deep lyrics and intense sound make every listening experience a moving, musical adventure. She’s also an incredibly talented storyteller and she has combined all of these skills for her latest project, LAMP.

LAMP received funding about a year ago on Kickstarter, and I was so excited to help out. Not only is Olga a wonderful musician, but she’s a sweet person too and this project is one from the heart. It was an honor to help her achieve her goal.

Plus. She gave out the best awards. Check it out!

So really I just wanted to write this post to show off the awesome necklaces and other goodies Olga created. And, of course, to tell you all that you need to go listen to Olga’s music and follow her LAMP project. Because both are epically awesome. And you should follow her on twitter too because, well just because. And read her blog. You want to.

Enjoy! Also, the first post of the New Year! Yay! And this is the first post of a kind-of new series based on the old Music!Inspire interviews. Because I love music and you should too.

Design Music!Inspiration Interviews!

If you’re anything like me, you can’t design without listening to music. To find out what some of the internet’s current web and graphic designers are listening to and what really gets them motivated to design, I’ve interviewed a small number of them to find out. Click “More” to read the rest of the article and interviews.  Let’s get inspired!

Musically Inspired

Click here to continue reading this article.

Design Music!Inspiration

Designing. Music. The two go hand in hand. No, I’m serious. If I want to do any sort of work at all, be it designing or coding or sketching out ideas, I have to have music. For awhile it was Tamaki Nami and Koda Kumi and anything JPop; cute asian girls who can belt out perky songs while dancing like crazy really helps my motivation. Then I went through an 80s phase where Journey was at the top of my playlist, closely followed by a step forward into some crazy hip hop that I almost never listen to. I don’t know, I guess I needed a good beat.

Now? Now I’m listening to the Innocent Mission and Kate Rusby and basically any female folk singer. My music tastes are far and wide, and Pandora Radio has been my best friend lately. It has broaden my horizons, so to say.

This led me to thinking though. What do other designers listen to? This in turn led to, What would a compilation of designers’ playlists sound like? So I have proposition for all you designers out there: Design Music!Inspiration.

Design Music!Inspiration

This is a project open to any designer. Comment on this post and I will send you a short list of interview questions that have to do with your musical tastes. I will then ask you to choose one song that sums up all the music that you find design inspiration in. In a week or two (depending on how many responses I get), I’ll put it all together in a post that will contain each interview as well as a playlist of the ultimate Design Inspiration.

Ready to begin? Then let’s go! Comment and let me know if you want in on this great great project; this Design Music!Inspiration!

Designers Signed Up:

Jess of Delicious Design Studio
Rachel of Antithete
Cristina of Darth Cena
Jan of Dawghouse Design Studio
Gaya of Gaya Design
Lelia of Lelia Thomas (if she has time)
Meggan of
Nicole of Nicole Charshaf

The best way to get the word out? Tweet this!

(Edit 5/10/09: Smashing Magazine has put a pretty great article along the lines of my post. It’s calledDrawing Inspiration from Music. Check it out!)