NanoMangO Day 16

You know, according to these comics, we yell at our kids a lot. We don’t. I assure you. We love them all very much. It just happens that we have a lot of very frustrating moments that we laugh at afterward. And you get the product of that laughter: a comic!

The Family Menagerie - Eraser Thief

This happens a lot. If it’s not one cat, it’s another.

NanoMangO Day 15 and CatchUp

Because our week was so hectic with Morgan, work, and a few days of chaos (and Wii Fit Plus), I didn’t get a chance to catch up on NanoMangO until tonight. I churned out six comics pretty much in one sitting, which gives me a whole lot of hope, not only for the rest of the month, but also for future comics. They’re pretty sketchy, but the ideas are there. I’ve backdated them to the days they are supposed to be on (cheater) so I’ll give you a run down right now on how far we’re at (half-way, baby!).  First though, today’s comic:

The Family Menagerie - Meet the Pups

Simple because I’m boring like that (no, not really – I just thought it was cute). Here’s the count as it stands:

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15

Until tomorrow! Ah Monday, you come too soon.

NanoMangO Day Fourteen

I kid you not, this is a true story. Akima is our Princess. She’s dainty, and hates to get litter between her toes (seriously, when we force her into the box, she spends a good twenty minutes scraping her paws on the side of the litter box trying to get it off). So what does she do? She goes next to the litter box and then attempts to hide the evidence.

The Family Menagerie - Pooper Scooper

While I admire the thought she puts into it, I don’t think she quite understands the concept of a panty liner.

NanoMango Day Thirteen

Okay, so I understand boxes. Boxes are cool. I’d hide in a box. In face, freshman year of college I had a TV box in my dorm room that I hid in occasionally. No joke. I had a light in there and I’d read. Don’t ask. I don’t know why I didn’t have that many friends back then. I always invited them to sit in my box but all I got were weird looks.

The Family Menagerie - Cat-In-A-Box

Boxes are cool. But the garbage? Satsuki is a smelly cat. Zane on the other hand always smells clean.

NanoMango Day Twelve

Now see, I love our cats. But they have this really nasty habit of being nocturnal. And while this was good and all in college when I just didn’t sleep, I’m an adult now you see (uh-huh, shut up) and I need my beauty rest. Zane, of course, thinks differently.

The Family Menagerie - Wake Up Call

I need a new alarm clock. This one is broken.

NanoMango Day Eleven

Figured it was about time to introduce you to our three oldest cats.

The Family Menagerie - Meet the Cats

Merlin has other nicknames too, but they’re slightly less appropriate. This is a family comic after all.

NanoMangO Day Ten

Spunky is a big baby. People get scared of him if they don’t know him because he’s somewhat wolf-like (he’s a husky, shephard, chow mix), but you will never find a more well-behaved, sweetheart of a dog. This not only includes people, but every living creature. Including all the other kids.

The Family Menagerie - Spunky the Lover

It’s even better because he’s really soft. ^_^

NanoMango Day Eight & Nine

I’m tired and didn’t get yesterday’s comic up. Here it is, though it’s only one page. Hopefully you’ll forgive me.

The Family Menagerie - Fluff Bucket

Snarf’s nickname is Snarf-bucket. Don’t ask why, I don’t know.

I missed yesterday because we had some slight issues with one of our older girl rats, Morgan. She’s been having breathing issues lately and we took her to the vet today. She’s on medication and she hasn’t been having any problems, so hopefully it gets better. But it was a stressful weekend.

I’m making up for it with a sketch of Morgan and her sister Meetu as today’s comic (because it was a rough day and I’m still worried about our girl.

The Family Menagerie - Morgan and Meetu

Morgan is the one on the left (and yes, I used the earlier photo as a reference). She’s our oldest girl and one of the sweetest.

Alright. Tomorrow I’ll get back on track.

NanoMango Day Seven

Agh, just under the wire today. Thought I’d introduce you to the five newest members of our family.

The Family Menagerie - Rescue Rattery

They were going to fed as snake food at the local pet store. I do believe we were justified in our actions. (BTW, they are Toodles, Tum-tum, Twinby, Artemis, and Athena.)

NanoMangO Day Six

Okay so this one is written as “Puppy training” but Ash thinks it should be “A Walk in the Park.” I kind of like hers better, so let’s just pretend that’s the name of it, alright?

The Family Menagerie - A Walk in the Park

That’s our Snarf. He’s much better than he used to be. He’s just a puppy. ^_^