It was one humdinger of a week in the USA. The Boston Marathon bombing, then the gigantic fertilizer plant explosion just two hours north of us here in West, TX – a place we frequent on many a road trip, and then the manhunt back in Boston. What a week. And that sentence right there, well I’m grateful that I can say that. It was one week. One day of fear. I am so thankful we live in a place where a statement like that is a big deal. Last night at the Boston press conference with commissioner Edward Davis, they mentioned that it was a long day of terror. But it was a day, and now it’s over and the sun has come up again.


We’re so lucky to live in a country where a few days of terror is so rare it makes global headlines. We are lucky to have people who rush forward to help instead of hiding behind doors. We are lucky to have the government we do that allows us access to the media and local resources. We are lucky to live in a free country. We are so very very lucky to live in a place where we are woken up by alarm clocks and not bombs, where our police are there to protect us not take from us, where our president talks about his love for diversity and his pride for the people he governs. My heart goes out to those who aren’t so lucky, to those who live in this terror every day, for weeks, months, years. My love to all those who are not so fortunate.

The modern day seven wonders.

New 7 Wonders of the World.

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this. I think it’s cool that the modern world is taking part in saying what’s the greastest man-made structures in creation, but to make them the new 7 wonders of the world? I think that’s going a little too far. Nothing now even measures up to the grandeur of the originals, even though only the pyramids are still in existence. I’m just afraid that those original prodigious creations will be forgotten.

And, I mean come on, the Statue of Liberty was on the list? That is nothing compared to the Statue of Zeus or the Lighthouse of Alexandria! I guess to me the Statue of Liberty has become something of a mockery (though I don’t contest that it still holds great importance to many people, and at one point it did mean something – I just think that meaning has been lost on many).

I am in great awe of the seven wonders, the real ones. I always have been. And yes, some of the new ones do hold that same emphasis of greatness to them, but they’re still new. And they should be held in great regard, but why replace creations that were far more ancient and, in may ways, impossible feats of humankind?

Like I said, mixed feelings. Feel free to discuss, I want to know what others are thinking.

The Fall of Falwell.

Rev. Jerry Falwell is dead.

A little bit of hate left the world today, leaving a little good in it’s place. I don’t hate a lot of people. I don’t even hate the people against same-sex marriage. Bush comes close, but there’s only moments when I truly despise him. It’s not that I hate, it’s that I don’t understand them. I just don’t know, and I don’t even know how to try.

But that man had more hate in his body than the whole U.S. nation. I don’t think it was heart failure. I think that hate finally left such a negative impact on his heart that it killed him. Negativity will do that.

The sun is just a little bit brighter today.

Another one bites the dust. Political Rant.

There are times when I feel like this country takes giant steps backwards. The US is suppose to be a progressive country right? Is it? I think that’s seriously up for debate. But I think that’s something that should be looked at more thoroughly than what I have time for right now. But here’s a small example:

“A group of Gig Harbor High School students staged a protest during class hours Monday, criticizing the school’s use of video cameras that caught two girls kissing and holding hands.

“As many as four dozen students risked an unexcused absence to call attention to what they said was discrimination against lesbian students.

“Some called for Keith Nelson, the dean of students, to be fired for showing the video to the parents of one of the girls in February. The parents of that girl, a junior, withdrew her from school. She’s now attending at a campus outside the district.”

Article from The News Tribune: Students skip classes to Protest.

I don’t understand this. They would never show a tape of a boy and a girl kissing, despite what the principal would say. I’m sure there have been dozens of kisses in that lunchroom and this is the first time something like this has happened for the soul reason of it being a kiss between two girls. Not only is this horrible for their own privacy, but this is a step back in treating people equally; and this includes enforcing rules on everyone. Not just those who swim outside the mainstream of society’s norms.

You know, schools should be a safe place. Not one where you have to fear discrimination from your own teacheres. Apparently the dean isn’t even being fired, just relocated, and the school administrators aren’t even admitting that it was because of this situation.

Privacy shouldn’t have to come with a price.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Thanks to Dan for posting this. Are people really this closed off?

Pearls Before Breakfast.

If I had heard that music coming from some place, I’d have to go find it, regardless of how late I would be. I don’t understand how people can pass up something that beautiful, without at least wondering about it.

The other day I watched a few deer play outside my window, and I was shocked to see the amount of people who walked right by them without seeing them. Just wow.

Have we really entered a world where people do not see beauty anymore?

Cave Martians – Moving to Mars?

Colonies on Mars? It would seem we are one step closer to that. Space.Com seems to think so. I highly doubt it’ll happen in my lifetime, but should we really attempt to take over another planet when we’re not doing so hot with this one?

I don’t know how I like being thought of as a future martian. I love being an Earthling. I don’t know, this whole idea gives me a foreboding feeling. I know it’s too early to really get my feathers ruffled, but there’s got to be some kind of morality being questioned here.

Anyone else have any ideas?

cult of librarians, oh my!

If you keep up with Neil Gaiman’s blog, feel free to pass this by since it comes from this entry.

I pretty much grew up in the Aram Public Library back home. I was on the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) for it for a year and a half before I graduated it (I was there when they first began it), and when I got to college, I worked for another year and a half as a Desk Clerk/All-Around-Errand-Runner-and-Website-Updater at the library on campus. So libraries are pretty important to me overall.

And even though I’ve been around libraries for so long, and have seen a lot of interesting drama happen with them, the letter Neil Gaiman posted still surprised me.

“I walked out of our main branch one day to find several van loads of people carrying picket signs and descending on our building. There were many children with the group and some of them were given picket signs and sent out to rally cars driving by to “Honk if you hate Library Porn” and “Unsafe for Kids”. The other picketing parents sent their kids into our children’s department for us to baby-sit for the next several hours – while they tried to rally community support against us. (The irony was not lost on us.)”

I think some people should be dragged out into the street and beat with a stupidity stick until they realize that libraries are places of higher learning – therefore they should be used to learn when you’re being a complete moron about a subject. I don’t understand how they though that the library was offering porn to children. Ridiculous.

Anyway, there you have it. Stupidity at its finest.