Help Us Help the Kittens!

Maddies Corner

So, I have a favor to ask of you: there’s this group on Facebook called Maddie’s Corner (also found on twitter @MaddiesCorner), founded by Kristin Chenoweth (Galinda of Wicked, in tons of movies, was on American Idol tonight for those of you who don’t know her). They’re a pretty amazing organization that celebrates animals and the people who love animals. Well they’re holding a contest right now. The person who sends the most fans their way wins $1000 for any non-profit animal organization they want. We want that to be us.

Of course we want to try and get the money for the feral cat group that we volunteer for. It’s called Central Texas Feline Rescue and we’re a Trap-Neuter-Return group. We go out everyday, 365 days a year and feed the feral colonies that live in Austin and the Austin area. Almost every Tuesday we are out there trapping feral cats to have them spayed or neutered and given rabies shots before returning them to their colonies. We’re also an extremely small group, completely volunteer run. Most of everything we do comes out of our own pockets – our founder, Elizabeth spends the most to keep the group running. This year we TNR’d over 300 cats. Ash and I fostered a kitten we found on the streets and named her Mika. On Christmas Eve, she was adopted by some really wonderful people and they tell us she rules the household now.

Help Central Texas Feline Rescue

$1000 would go far for this group. But we need your help. Here’s what you can do. Go to the Maddie’s Corner fanpage on Facebook and fan the group, or you can start following them on their twitter. Then post a comment/reply and tell them that Ashley Niels of @RescueAnimals sent you (Ash is in charge of the twitter account so they know her name). Make sure you add the RescueAnimals part since that’s the common name we’ve been using (on twitter and facebook). The more people the better so feel free to share this note.

Come on guys! With your help, we can win Central Texas Feline Rescue a much-needed $1000. They really deserve it. Thanks to everyone who helps us out! If you have any questions, please ask us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Help the kittens! =^..^=

Mika and Hope for Abandoned Cats

Instead of a comic, you get a picture of a cute kitten. Why? Because I’m exhausted, had a bit too much to drink at dinner, and I need SLEEP. That and I’m lazy. But whatever. You’ll get three comics tomorrow (not that I’m promising anything, I’m just saying you might, if I’m productive – which, chances are, are kind of slim knowing me, but still – maybe, that’s all I’m saying) maybe. We’ll see. Anyway…


Mika the Kitten

This is Mika, just one of the many cats we trapped this year with the Central Texas Feline Rescue. Every Tuesday night, Ash and I spend the evening with a bunch of traps, some tuna fish, and our quick wits in an attempt to catch feral/abandoned cats to get them spayed/neutered and rabies-tested. Our goal this year was 300 – we hit 304. While Ash and I have only been doing this for several months (since we moved down here), we’re incredibly proud of ourselves for helping the cat community of Austin and the surrounding towns.

Mika here was a cat we caught last week. Last night we caught her again… twice. She was hungry enough that she didn’t even care how many times she got caught in that trap. Because of that, the volunteers took her in and our fearless leader Elizabeth is going to get her the rest of her shots and then we’ll be taking her in for a short time until we can find a more permanent home (be that a longer-term foster home or a forever home) for her. She’s beautiful and small and we couldn’t leave her out there in the cold so home she comes. We’ll see how she does.

Working with these cats is hard. They have hard lives and many times their stories are heartbreaking. The last few weeks, we’ve been trapping a colony of cats that came from a 14-cat household. The owners moved and abandoned all 14 cats to the streets, and now the owner of the park they currently call home is threatening to come in and kill them all. We spent the better part of last night canvasing that particular neighborhood, handing out literature on TNR and our group, and letting people know exactly what was going on. I was so wonderfully surprised by the reaction we got from people. More than one person praised what we were doing, thanked us for our time, and blessed us with hope in their eyes.

There is hope in the world. For Mika, there is hope tonight. She’s off the streets. Someday, we’ll get them all. There is hope.

Pup of the Day.


The best picture of Spunky ever, taken yesterday on top of Rock Knob at Hartley Park. Ash took it. This is why she should be a pet photographer. She takes some of the best pictures I have ever seen of our kids. She’s honestly an amazing photographer. And Spunky is one of the prettiest pups ever.

He knows it too.