A. Savage as Gollum: I Will Survive!

Because sometimes you just need something to make you smile. I hope you all enjoy this as much I did. I still can’t wait it without laughing so hard I cry. Adam Savage is just full of the awesome.

Life Tastes Like Coffee.

Happy CoffeeYou ever notice how some days you just wake up, and you KNOW it’s going to be a good day? Something inside is just happy to be awake even at six in the morning? Where even those cranky morning commuters can’t get you down? A day when you’re excited to be alive and every moment has so much potential that you feel you’ll go crazy if you can’t do everything at once?

Maybe it’s just the coffee talking. At any rate, I think both me and my coffee are having a day like that. I’m looking forward to this weekend because I have so much I want to do! I have freelance projects I want to finish/start, I have my office to finish cleaning, I have paintings I want to start. Ash and I recently bought Wii Fit Plus and I want to start that up. We’re also volunteering tomorrow to help with the CTFR cattery at PetSmart. I want to go to the park tomorrow night and walk the dogs since we haven’t had time to do that lately. So much to do! There really isn’t enough time in the day.

And of course, I have to work on my comic. I’m three days behind but I’m going to attempt to catch up tonight. Got a couple of ideas, so hopefully I can draw them up. I’ve also still got several blog posts I should finish, and a blog series I want to start (any illustrators interested in being interviewed? Contact me).

Let’s see just how much I can get done this weekend. Let’s do this!

Drunk Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!

5 Ways to Make a Happier Day

Beautiful LifeMondays are generally the most stressful day of the week (and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and – well, weekdays can just be bad), and if you’re like me and tend to just drag at the beginning of the week, then you might find it useful to do a few things that make yourself feel good. And what better way to make yourself feel good but by making other people (or animals) feel good. So here’s a short list of some things you can do during your day to make the world a better place with just a few small well-placed happy gestures.

01. Smile.

Really. That’s it. Ever hear that smiling is contagious? It’s true. You smile at her, she smiles at him, he smiles at someone else, and it just keeps going. A smile is a good thing. Do it. It can brighten the darkest of days and the crankiest of souls.

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The First of April!

I generally don’t do a lot for this little holiday (other than scaring people on Twitter), but I thought I’d share with you a few places that DO tackle the day with humor and style.

01. Whole Foods Market: Organic Air for $6.99 for .02oz. You can get it in Original, Sea Breeze, Mountain Wind, and Salt and Vinegar.

02. Expedia.com: Flight to Mars now being booked for $99. Save over $3,000,000,000,000! Hurry, the sale only lasts 24 hours.

03. Youtube.com: Got some time to stand on your head and watch some Spotlight videos? It’s all the rage!

04. Gmail.com: Never write another email again! The Gmail Autopilot copies your style flawlessly and answers every email in a way you would sure to do so yourself.

05. Google.com: Google Chrome now comes in 3D (as powered by CADIE). Print out your glasses, put them on, and enjoy the show that only Chrome can give.

06. Smashing Magazine: Internet Explorer 8 is up for release and Smashing Magazine has all the details. IE8, codename “Eagle Eye” is the world’s next famous browser!

07. Woot.com: While they seem to have been sold out, Woot’s Random Crap’s shipping savings made it an awesome buy – only $1,000,000 to be shipped anywhere!

08. Livejournal.com: LJ, one of the internet’s first blogging platforms, has decided to go Twitter on everyone and change the friend’s pages of their users! Now instead of just easy to read posts, you’ll become your friend’s stalker and learn every single detail about their internet life. How great is that?

09. Kodak.com: Kodak has developed a new camera. The EyeCamera makes you look an awesome cyborg and is a hit at parties!

10. MySwitzerland.com: Switzerland is offering a chance for a free vacation if you willingly sign up to be one of their Mountain Cleaners. Go dusts some hills!

11. Wii Nintendo: Kingdom Hearts III is going to be released on the Wii! (Actually, this isn’t funny. I wish.)

12. GameStop: Ever want to learn the secrets behind ventriloquists? GameStop now has the exclusive My Wii Buddy for all your doll-talking needs.

13. PizzaHut: Now the best pizza you can get is your own face! Upload your face, and PizzaHut will recreate it into a tasty tasty dish.

Have more that I missed? Comment and let me know. These were just some of my favorites. Happy Fool’s Day everyone!

Inflatable Dog Poo

Okay, so I’m a couple days behind, but still.

Inflatable Feces Raises a Stink.

Seriously the funniest thing I have ever read. Can you imagine seeing that thing come rolling down the street towards you? Mwahaha. Wow.

Sparta: the Mean Kitty Song

Little Kit-kitty…

Happiness. Probably the number one most watched video on my YouTube Favorites.

How can you not love it?