The Snail Trail is Here!

I recently started participating in #OMHG, a Twitter chat hosted by Jessika Hepburn of Oh My! Handmade (an awesome blog that you should all read). I’ve met some really amazing and wonderful creatives and makers because of this chat and so many new friends. One of them is Laura from Cupcakes for Clara.

Cupcakes for Clara is a wonderful illustrated business that offers a range of adorable products, all based around Laura’s character, Clara (and her twin sister Macy and their neighbor Colin). I am in love with Laura’s illustrations – they are cute, clever, and colorful (three of my favorite things). Be sure to check out her website.

The Snail Trail!

If you’ve been reading this blog for long (or even if you just got here), you probably know that I LOVE snails. It’s part of my name after all. There’s a whole history there that I won’t get into now, but I’ve been a snail-lover since I was a little girl. So I was super excited when I learned about Laura’s latest product line and what she’s doing to promote it.


To celebrate her new product line, Laura is doing a week of freebies, but in a very clever way. What you have stumbled upon right now is a TREASURE HUNT! On her own blog, and blogs of her friends, there will be hidden a little snail. Like this one:

FIND IT! Because when you do, you’ll find an awesome little free printable from Laura and Cupcakes for Clara! They’re adorable and fun and you know you want to do it.

Of course I’d be taking part in this. Somewhere on my blog homepage, you’ll find that snail – click on it and get ready for some adorableness!

And just because, have some snail poems.

Considering the Snail by Thom Gunn
The Lobster Quadrille by Lewis Carroll
Warning by Shel Silverstein
Upon a Snail by John Bunyan
The Snail by William Cowper

Enjoy and Good luck! Now go snail hunting!