Hitting the Big Time: Mashable!

So if you hadn’t heard, Snailbird recently made it into the popular online magazine Mashable. Now we’ve been featured in quite a few online articles and showcases, but I think it’s a safe bet that Mashable is the biggest and most well-read site that has given us a few visitors. And not just a few – our visitors and hits have gone through the roof! Thank you Mashable! Interested in the article? You can find Snailbird featured in 20 Resources for Displaying Twitter Updates. Check it out, comment, and adore our cute little twitter bird!

NewBird2 Release!

Okay, so it’s not completely done yet. I still have to fix up the horrible typography on my sidebar, my extras page isn’t up yet, and there are quite a few things in the coding that I need to fix up. But I’m sick of working on it and I won’t have time tomorrow for the most part, so I’m putting up my updated design now (called NewBird2).

Let me know what you think. Is it an improvement of the last design? Are the changes positive or negative? What do you wish I had done differently? And of course what do you like about it?

I’ll finish up the small, unfinished bits later. Right now, I’m exhausted and only have about four hours to sleep before I have to wake up in the morning and head over to the Wellness Clinic with Ash and the pups to get them updated on their shots.

There’s an ant crawling on my keyboard. I can’t get away from them.

Good night.

Showing Off My Body!

HTML Body that is.  What happened to my design, you ask?  Surely you know!

Today is the Annual CSS Naked Day! Go check it out and learn more about what this means and why I’ve stripped myself naked just for you!

This design isn’t as great as my last participation into CSS Naked Day. There are a few bugs, like my page links and the fact that there’s no header saying that you’ve reached Snailbird.com. But hey, it still works! Right?

Yep. Happy CSS Naked Day, all!

New Snailbird Design!

And we’re live! The brand-spanking new, took-way-too-long-to-code, Snailbird design is finally up and running!

I don’t think I have ever spent so long in one sitting (or series of sittings as it where) working on one design before. I have been staring at this thing for days on end. I’m not even kidding, all I ate today was a couple of shortbread cookies because I didn’t want to stop until I finally had this kicked in the butt. I think I successfully pummeled it into submission (and fixed up some of my pages while I was at it).

Do I need a reason for the change? Well one, I wanted this site to show off my creative design talents as much as possible. I want the design to show what I’m capable of, both in coding and in creating original and unique designs. And two, I wanted a design to reflect my own personality, and while the last one retained some of my identity, I thought it was boring. I am a colorful person, I love to draw, and I love nature and all things related. This is me.

Plus, I just think it’s cute. Isn’t that what’s important in the long run? Cuteness? Okay, maybe not, but I’m happy with it. Got comments, critiques, praise, complaints? Let me know. I’d love to get some feedback on this design. Does it work for you? Too much? Tell me!

My eyes and fingers need a rest. I’m taking the rest of the night off. Have a good weekend all!

More Art: Coyote!

I figured I’d post more art since I finished this too and it’s up at deviantart. Makes me feel like a real artist, you know? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. For the most part, I feel like I am. I think this proves it.


Let me know what you think. This is Blackbird, my Coyote character. Well, basically, she’s me. Hence, the Blackbird (Snailbird being her nickname). Does it not make sense to you?

Too bad, it makes sense to me.


And we’re back up, with tons of help from my previous host.  Thanks a bunch, Dan!

I’ll be making quite a few changes to reflect the new domain name.  For now, I’ll work with the old set up and the old title of Coyote Dreams until I get up the new theme that I’m working on.  The old site will continue to redirect to this page, but it’d be helpful if everyone updated their links.

I’ll blog for real when I get a chance to.  Right now, the house needs to be cleaned (after which the cats will once again knock everything down and undo any work I might actually accomplish).  Hey, at least it makes me feel better.  Even if it is just a half-hearted attempt.

How is it Monday already?

New Theme: A little dusty.

Excuse the mess – I’m putting up the new design and it’s a little messy right now.

Edit: I’m not done completely, but it’s good enough for now. I’ll work on it later.

Edit2: I decided to scrap on making my own at the moment and I decided to go with this already-made design for right now. It’s real purty like and can be found here.

New Theme Update (And Finals)

I’m currently designing a new theme for my blog, so deal with this already-made theme for now while I work on it.

I should be studying for exams, but I’m doing so well on procrastination I figure, Why stop now?

Edit: Finals are done, but I haven’t had a chance to update the blog, so deal with this one for awhile until I come back in January. Yes, I know the blogroll is incredibly screwed up. I’ll figure it out when I come back.

New Theme! Excuse the mess!

New theme called Sunset in Wisconsin has been put up, with a whole lot of thanks going to Lauren for all the help she gave me. She rocks. Thanks Lauren!

Now I’m done with coding for awhile. I’m going to go make some bowls. And hide from fireworks.

Edit: The quote is the header is by Rabindranath Tagore.