Music of Liz Clark

A friend of mine came up for the weekend and stayed with me and we swapped life-news, chinese food favorites, and music. She has me hooked on a female singer-songwriter called Liz Clark whose music consists of folky, feminist pop-rock tunes. Her current CD Hand on the Stove is catchy and uplifting.

Hand on the Stove
1. Who’s Your Angel
2. Hurricane *
3. Encore *
4. Something I Can Live Without
5. Hand Off The Stove
6. Soft Side *
7. Be A Man
8. Love And War
9. I Need You
10. Race Street

My favorite song so far is “Hurricane,” which starts out with the question, “What’s the cost of being honest when you have nothing else to lose?” Many of her songs are powerful and thought-provoking like this, and all of them are backed by her powerful vocals and truthful lyrics. Her sound is soulful and her voice much more rock than folk. Her lyrics are clever and clearly poetry as well as song. Her piano and guitar skills are phenomenal, and I thought I’d give you a little taste of some of her music.

If you download one of the songs I posted, let me know so I can keep track. If you like her CD and want more, please check out her store or her tour dates to see when she’s coming to play near you. I highly suggest you try and catch her play live. If you like me posting reviews like this let me know and I’ll post more. Enjoy Liz Clark!