We keep it real, Old School.

I don’t know where the title came from. I think someone said it on TV. Anyway.

“To this day, there are those who insist the Holocaust never happened – who perpetrate every form of intolerance — racism, antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, and more — hatred that degrades its victim and diminishes us all. Today, and every day we have an opportunity, as well as an obligation to confront these scourges.”

Just thought I’d share that little quote from President Obama. You can read the whole article here: At Capitol, Obama Reflects on Lessons of Holocaust. I think this is a good reflection time – to see what hatred can do. There are hate groups everywhere that need to just open their eyes and learn from the past.

In other news, Ash and I have officially opened our new Rescue Animals blog and information site: I Love Rescue Animals. Our twitter (@RescueAnimals) has grown from 0 to 300 followers in three weeks (we got 55+ followers just today) and it’s already starting to get bigger than we really imagined. I’m happy – we’re actually doing something great! I say “we,” but really, it was all Ash who started it and does all the twittering and reading of articles. I’m just kind of here to look pretty.

Still in Austin, still doing some web stuff, still job hunting. Same old, same old.

The Austin Adventures!

Currently it is sunny, beautiful, and wonderful 70 degrees out. That’s right – we made it to Austin! If you’ve been following my twitter account, you’ll have known that already and more. We arrived on Friday and our days have been booked ever since. Friday we spent the day out at Ash’s grandparents’ 100 acre ranch and watched the storms roll in over the sky.

That sky. I honestly have never seen a sky this big. I love the Texas sky. And the quick Texas storms that drench everything with a rain so thick you can’t see through it, and end in minutes of starting, leaving the sky blue and the sun hot. The ranch is the best place to watch it all happen because the screened-in porch has a clear view of the land all around it. It’s situated on top of a small hill surrounded by rolling hills and ancient oak trees at the bottom of the ravine. It’s heaven on Earth out there.

Saturday was the ASPCA’s Wag-n-Walk in Zilker Park in Austin. That was an amazing day and Ash and I became mini-celebrities while there. I’m not going to go in depth on the whole experience because Ash is writing up a really great in-depth post of our adventures and all the people we met which will be posted over at Rescue Animals when it’s done. I have to say though, the people we met were incredible. For those of you familiar with Animal Cops New York (Animal Precinct) on Animal Planet, we got to meet, talk with, and take pictures with Annemarie Lucas, the face of the Animal Law Enforcement for the ASPCA. She is a wonderful person, so friendly, and you can just tell she loves her job. I’m really glad we got a chance to get to know her. We also made friends with Jo Sullivan, one of the happiest and coolest people we met. She’s the Senior Vice President of Development & Communications for the ASPCA and she kept announcing us on the bandstand because of 16 hour drive and made us come up to the front to be cheered for. Before we left, she gave Ash her card and told her if she needed anything, don’t be afraid to call. I think this is probably the biggest connection Ash could ever get for her job and I’m so proud of her.

There were tons of other people and we both made some great connections in Austin because of it. I cannot wait until next year’s event.

Sunday, Ash and I spent some time with her dad and extended family at a Celebrity Softball game at the Dell Diamond. Her family has a private suite and deck at the stadium, so we had very classy seats for the whole thing. I honestly felt like a celebrity because of it. I didn’t really know many of the celebrities playing on the field, except for Kyle Petty (who is not only a Nascar race car driver, but he can also sing!), but I guess there was a guy from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, Willie Nelson’s daughter, and someone from Lonestar. It was a fun game though and the concert afterward wasn’t bad either.

I do have a story though. At one point, I went to the bathroom (interesting story, huh?), and there were a couple of very drunk, very loud, very giggly girls there. I was washing my hands at the sink when they started flashing each other. Yes. Flashing. At each other. And laughing how none of them of were wearing bras (and one acknowledged she wasn’t wearing underwear and thank god I didn’t see her prove that fact). Anyway, I got out of there as fast as I could and came back to the suite and sat down next to Ash to tell her what had happened. Just as I was finishing, guess who walked into the suite? Yes. Those same girls. Turns out they were friends of one of Ash’s cousins. They didn’t seem to recognize me but I definitely felt awkward the rest of the time. Weird. Ash (and her dad who wasn’t surprised at all that it was those particular girls who had done it) thought the whole thing was hilarious. Fun times.

Afterward we went back to Ash’s sister’s house where we were staying for the night. Oh, I forgot to mention that Saturday after we got back to the house from the ASPCA event, Ash and I ended up locking my keys in my car. We spent the majority of that night outside with coat hangers and butter knives attempting to get in, and the better part of Sunday morning. We got the window down a little and managed to get a coat hanger into the car but it wasn’t strong enough to hit the lock and none of the hangers helped at trying to unlock the car from the inside of the door panel. Sunday after the ball game, Ash’s dad tried to help and managed to get the window open a little more, and Courtney supplied us with a metal yardstick. Just like that, the door was unlocked. Thank goodness. Today at some point we’re going to Home Depot so I can make a spare key.

The rest of this week will be job hunting and house hunting and meeting up with more family members. And possibly checking out the dog friendly restaurants they have here in Austin. Oh and shopping for some new clothes. Exciting. I have to also finish a paper for my class today, but as you can see, that’s clearly not getting very far. I choose blogging over writing a paper any day.

To bad I can’t get graded for blogging.

Projects and a bit of Austin.

I haven’t been doing a lot of daily posting lately just because I’ve been so busy. Design Coyote has been taking up most of my time, as have a couple of projects I’ve been working on. One of them is a new site that Ash and I have started called Rescue Animals, which is a site to promote animal adoption and welfare, as well as create a link database of Animal Shelters and Breed Rescues across the country. We would both appreciate if you could all head over there and submit the websites of your local shelters/organizations so we can increase our lists. It’s going to be a great cause once it really starts rolling.

Other than that, tomorrow we leave for Austin. Today I’m going to spruce up my resume and print some copies of it out and work on my portfolio some more, so that once we’re down there, I have something to hand in to people. I’m also going to make a list of places that I want to stop by and take a look at. Ash is the same way. I’ll also get a hold of our Realtor and see if we can look at a couple of houses. I really hope everything works out.

Wish us luck!

Just Smile, Smile, Smile.

I’m tired and full of chicken alfredo, so all you get today is this:

Happy Face

Everyone should just be happy. Smile. It’s good for the soul. You’ll feel better once you do. I promise. And it’s contagious. The more you do it, the more others will too. It makes people feel good. Like chicken noodle soup on a cold day. It warms the heart.

(Ash took this picture. Someone had drawn a smiley face on the ground in Austin. It made us smile too. See? It works. Pass it on.)