Imbolc Blessings, Friends! Winter is Half Over!

Photo by Thorp Perrow

Happy Imbolc, friends.

We are midway through Winter and Spring is around the corner (much closer here in Texas). Now is the best time to cuddle close to family and to connect with the things that make you feel at home. Now is the time to learn patience (for those of us without it) and take your energy to heal and be healthy (as much as one can). The Wheel of Life continues to turn regardless of our wants and wishes so take a moment to visualize the goals ahead of you and plant each step firmly into the ground moving forward (metaphorically and literally for those able). Stay warm and keep light in your heart as the sun shines longer in the sky each day.

“May Brighid the Shining One bless this day.
May the Light of the Gatherer of Hope,
the Bringer of Springtime,
the Brightener of Seasons
be upon you as you set forth today.
Laughter of the running hours be yours,
and with the leave of lightness, may you come home in joy.”

If you’re looking for an answer to something, maybe you’ll find it in the flames of a fire tonight. Tonight is Brighid’s night, Keeper of the Flames and Goddess of the Hearth. She’s guide to home and heart. She may have what you’re looking for. Think of her as the night fades and the sun rises to warm the world around you.

Blessed be.

Blessed Yule & Happy Solstice


“Cold and dark this time of year,
the earth lies dormant,
awaiting the return of the sun,
and with it life.
Far beneath the frozen surface a heartbeat waits,
until the moment is right to spring.

As the earth grows colder,
the winds blow faster,
the fire dwindles smaller,
and the rains fall harder,
let the light of the sun
find its way home.”

Blessed Yule, my friends. Tonight is the longest and darkest night of the year, but when the sun rises in the early hours, a new year begins again with light and with hope. It has been a hard year for hope, but that doesn’t stop it from burning its way into my heart. I have a lot of wishes for the coming year but I will keep them close for now (most of them being health-related).

I hope the sun brings brighter days for the world and peaceful blessings to you and yours. May the new sun warm the hearts and souls of all.


Excuse Me? I thought I was in Texas.

Someone forgot to give Cold Miser the memo: TEXAS DOESN’T HAVE SNOW. Let me break it down for you.

This is where I live. It’s this nice little state in the SOUTH called TEXAS.

The place where it does not snow

This? This is what is NOT supposed to happen.


Could someone please make this stop? Like now. I’d like to be able to drive home without being hit by a Texan driver that has never seen snow or ice in his life. People here are already pre-panicking and it hasn’t even stuck on the ground.

In conclusion. This is Texas. Snow does not belong here. Please make it stop.


Christmas Morning.

First off, let me just say, the weather here is absolutely gorgeous. Bright sun and blue skies and a lovely 43 degrees. I could not ask for a more beautiful Christmas. I love Tennessee. Slept in till about ten, curled up to Ash, and we wished each other Merry Christmas eighteen million times before we got up. I think it’s safe to say that we’re both thrilled that we’re spending Christmas together.

Ash’s mom knitted us all scarves and warm hats for Christmas so I haven’t taken mine off all morning. It’s cute and warm. We’re waiting until we get back from Texas to do a real Christmas present opening though since some of the gifts haven’t arrived in the mail. That’s okay, the one thing I wanted was to spend this day with Ash and I’m getting that and more so I’m perfectly happy. After breakfast this morning, we’re gonna head out to Ash’s uncle’s house and spend the day there. It’ll be great and a day full of yummy food.

Merry Christmas from Ash and Nikki

From Ash, me, and our many kids, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May your day be bright and beautiful and full of good wishes!

Home for Christmas.

So let me tell you a story. A story that involves a lot of snow and driving. And Christian billboards.

We left Ashland Saturday night in the midst of a bad blizzard. But that’s not even the beginning. We were supposed to leave two days earlier but the weather, we were told, was horrendous so we shouldn’t even attempt it. It didn’t get any better but we didn’t want to stay around and wait for it to blow over so on Saturday we packed everything up and were almost ready to go when I went out to start Ash’s car. Yeah, that didn’t work, and after an hour of near-panic we got it started and were out of the house after dark.

We had hoped the weather would get better the farther south we got, but boy were we wrong. What should have been a six hour drive from Ashland to my parent’s house turned in to a 24 hour drive because we had to stop three hours after starting and pull into a motel the weather was so bad. We snuck all twelve of the kids in and slept for a few hours. We were up and out by noon and got to my house and promptly fell asleep (after celebrating an early Christmas with my family and opening up presents). The very next day we were up at 6 in the morning and were out on the road driving the three hours to Chicago. In Chicago, we got everything packed out of my dad’s van, packed into the trailer later on, and were once again, back on the road by 6 at night to Tennessee.

The drive to Tennessee was pretty uneventful except for the falling asleep at the wheel a couple of times and having to pull off twice at truck stops to catch a few winks, and, of course, the increasing number of Christian Biblical billboards warning the unbelieving that Hell is real (it’s real!)! Normally it’s ten hours from Chicago to Crossville, TN, but with the sleeping it took longer and we finally made it to our destination at about 9 in the morning yesterday. It’s been really nice today just sitting around and eating and watching TV. Ash and I bought new pants for ourselves and I picked up another small gift for Ash. Tomorrow we’re going to her Aunt’s and Uncle’s for Christmas and then on Friday morning we leave for Texas. It’ll be more driving but that’s okay, at least we’ve got a break before then, and it’s TEXAS. I cannot wait to go.

I got to talk to a ton of people back home on the phone and my dad is gonna call tonight when he reads my sisters The Night Before Christmas so I can listen in. It’s our Christmas Eve tradition, so at least I can still take part in that. It’s weird not being home for Christmas, but I’m really happy I get to spend it with Ash and her family – I definitely feel like one of family when I’m here. Everyone is just wonderful and makes me feel so at home. It’s great.

Ash is being adorable right now singing Christmas carols. I’m so happy. I hope everyone is having a beautiful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas from Ash, me, and our family. May your season be as happy as ours. <3

Life is a Novel.

I have an hour left of work with nothing to do. I’m working on the new alumni brochure for next year’s reunion, but I can’t do anything until I get the files I need from the PR department and they all went home early. So I’m sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, because I’d rather stay here and play on the computer than go home and do it. Get paid to listen to music and blog? Hell, I can do that.

It’s been an eventful day. Ash’s parked car got hit by her co-worker while Ash was working. The estimated damage on it is $1700 and the person who hit it doesn’t have insurance and Ash’s insurance is just liability. We’re not paying for it – no way, so Ash’s co-worker has to figure out a way to pay for it by December 19th (the day we’ve set as D-Day and we leave Ashland, WI). Which means we’re back to sharing one car and Ash’s poor, beautiful car is now sitting in the cold waiting to be repaired. This shouldn’t have happened and it’s really just not fair. We’ve been dealing with so much crap lately, why did this have to happen on top of all of it? We’re still going to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, only now we’re taking my car and crossing our fingers that it makes it there. Seriously, can’t we catch a break?

So we’re stressing even more over school, work, leaving, packing, and now cars, and the constant lack of funds. I can’t wait to get home tonight and just rest. I know we have to keep packing and go food shopping and stuff, but after that, it’s rest time. Maybe some Charmed. I hope.

We leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I hope nothing more happens this weekend, knock on wood. We need a good vacation.


Woke up to this.

Woke up to let the dog out. What did I see? THIS.


It’s October. I’m really not ready for this. And it’s still snowing. Mother Nature, did you really have to send the snow this early? Why?

I want to go south now.