Evidence that I’m Cooler than Most.

It’s bad when I’m sitting in a room full of people and I’m the only one to laugh at the “Java applet” joke on The Big Bang Theory. I think that just proves the fact that I’m a complete nerd. That and the fact that I really like this show and it reminds me too much of my interests back in high school. I like to think I’m a lot cooler than I used to be. Though I still laugh at the idea of “Friend-making booths” at ComicCon. (And actually agree that they’d make a fortune doing it).

“Uh oh. He’s stuck in an infinite loop.”

Hi. I’m Nikki. I think lichen is one of the most interesting structures on Earth. I mean come on, fungus and algae coming together to form a symbiotic relationship and growing in places that are almost entirely impossible for anything else to exist in? My favorite genus is Ramalina, or fruticose lichens, because they can grow cool-looking alien landing pads and British soldiers. Seriously. Lichen? Coolest stuff on Earth.

OKAAAYYYY THEN. That’s the end of that little trip into Geekville.