About Nikki Jeske


The Girl

I am Nikki Jeske and this is my blog! I am a designer, illustrator, and geek living on the shores of the Mississippi River with my husband Jake, our two cats (Jacob and Satsuki), a hogg island boa (Sir Gawain), and our crazy mutts (Athena & Tali). By day, I do front-end design and development work and illustrations, and by night and on the weekends I fight crime and save small kittens from trees. Or not.

Really, I’m just an artist and aspiring writer and illustrator for kids books and 100% an INFP personality. I do a bit of freelancing as an illustrator and designer, mostly for indie-artists and makers, and I try to volunteer for different causes as much as I can.

In my spare time, I play a lot of video and tabletop games (DnD being my favorite), paint (mostly acrylic and wall murals), and dream of traveling all over the world. I’ve been making websites and designs since 2001, and blogging in various forms since 2002. This blog is about art, comics, design, gaming, life, nature, and a little bit of nonsense thrown in for good measure.

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