Wild Child.

I’m currently 112 in the queue to play World of Warcraft. Better than being in the thousands, I suppose.

Doggy Kerchief

That’s Rufus wearing the doggy kerchief I made him. I got some new yarn today in the mail today so after I finish the kitschy kerchief I’m working on (for myself), I want to try something a little harder. I’m happy to be knitting again, I just wish I had more time for it. Since I’m jobless at the moment, my time is generally divided up between drawing with my new art supplies, knitting, or playing WoW. All the while watching documentaries on the History channel. This morning we did take a break from all that and went outside and played with my remote control Dragonfly. That was fun and we’ll probably do it again tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain – which it looks like it will).

I am so craving chocolate right now. Oh man, oh man. And I’ve moved up to 69 in the queue. It’s going fast tonight. Almost WoW time!

Playing WoW, talking about knitting, and watching Banned from the Bible. What a night. I’m a wild child, can you tell?