Election in Plain English

I don’t see this so much as “How to Elect a US President” as much as “How our Electoral Process is Dumb and Outdated.” Really. I know this is an incredibly simple way of putting it, but for those of you outside the US, you can see the flaws right away.

I really like the How-To’s in plain English. This one is probably one of the greatest (though check out the one on Twitter in Plain English – that’s downright cool, and the Zombies in Plain English is just genius). What’s your take on it?

Tis the Season.

Election season is upon us. People are deciding left and right (no pun intended) who they are going to cast their vote for. Two more weeks, and everyone will get a chance to throw their ballot into the ring and have their voice heard.

Two more weeks? That’s such a long time! Are you anxious to vote? Itching to be involved in the process ahead of time? Well, have no fear, the Blogger’s Choice Awards are here! That’s right, you can cast your vote for just about any blog you could possibly want.

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