Firefox 3.0

Firefox 3 was released the other day and I finally just got around to downloading. As a first impression, I’m not sure I like it. The browser is suppose to be streamline in its design, but I actually find it cluttered without the definition of individual rows (the commands, the navigation bar, and the bookmarks toolbar are right on top of each other, no longer separated with an indented line as in the previous Firefox). It bothers me that they all look smooshed together. Maybe it’s the OCD in me, but I’d rather they didn’t touch (as opposed to the food on my plate that I mix together all the time).

One of the most annoying things I’ve found so far is typing in URL in the address bar (the new “Awesome Bar”). This brings up previously looked at sites, of course, but with Firefox 3, it also brings up information about the site, all crammed together – another cluttered mess. The idea of having information right there is in the right place, but the way Mozilla implemented it doesn’t work right and just makes it incredibly hard to read. I’m hoping that the bugs in this will get worked out, because finding previously looked at sites with just one word is, in theory, really cool. It just doesn’t look the best right now.

And though it’s really no fault to the new release, I’m also annoyed because many of my Add-ons are not compatible with the new version. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll be updated soon with something that works.

This is, of course, just a first impression as I only downloaded it last night. Maybe it’ll grow on me and I’ll learn to love it as I find new gems in the browser (I have yet to find any). I don’t know, maybe I’m just adverse to change. I miss the old Firefox with it’s simplicity.

What do you think?