Some Day Your Gay Prince Will Come [Video]

This is quickly becoming Nikki’s blog of music and videos! But that’s okay, right? Because it’s quality. And quality is what counts.

I’m gonna keep telling myself that until it’s true.

ANYWAY. Y’all need to watch this and you need to watch the ENTIRE thing. It’s a little slow at first, but once you get past the crazy (and hilarious) fairy godmother, the dancing is incredible. And the entire video is amazing and whoever mashed the songs up is GENIUS. Not lying. Watch it and you will understand.

It also makes me cry with happiness because, gosh, “some day we’ll be part of your world.” Just watch it.

The cameos in this video are incredible, too. I love every single person who is in the video and who helped make it. THANK YOU. <3

0-31: Another loss for Civil Rights.

Me and My SunshineI could say it doesn’t matter. That we’ll get them next time. That this doesn’t mean anything in the long run. I could try and convince you that this was a mistake and people really don’t think this way. But I’d really just be trying to convince myself. My faith is wavering a little under these staggering statistics. 31 times gay marriage showed up on the ballot. And despite all the knocking on doors, all the blog posts, and rallies and pride events and positive media attention, all the love and support we received, 31 times, THIRTY-ONE times. We were shot down. Denied the rights that every human being should be born with. This isn’t about religion. Marriage is no longer conducted only within a church.  This isn’t about showing off wedding rings and picking out floral centerpieces. This isn’t about anybody else but us. Our rights to be with the ones we love. This is about people recognizing that as an accepted reality. This is about our government giving us the basic rights that other married couples have. It’s about commitment, and family, and dedication. It’s about sharing a bond and being able to proudly introduce a husband or wife. It’s about not being afraid. And sure, it’s about the tax benefits, and the employment benefits, and government benefits, and being able to see each other in the hospital, and buying a house together, and filing for adoption together, and being seen as a real, honest-to-goodness family, but most of all, most of all it’s about Love.

I could say that none of it really matters because Love isn’t something anyone can deny you. It won’t stop us from carrying on with our lives. It won’t cause us to break down and decide that it’s better off being straight than gay. I’m not going to run away and push my head in the sand and pretend I never liked girls. So it shouldn’t matter, right? I should just brush it off. But I can’t. It does matter. It matters to me and my girlfriend and every couple out there that is being treated like a second-class citizen. And what for? Why are we being treated with such disrespect? Like we’re not good enough to love? Because of bigotry. Because despite our freedom for and from religion, we are still being forced into a box controlled by what other people believe. We are not allowed to have our beliefs if they interfere with the majority. There always has to be sides, it seems, and our government thinks it’s fair to allow the majority to dictate how everyone should live their lives. Our country is slowly losing its identity as the Melting Pot. Conformity is the majority and if you don’t fit in that box, you’re shot down.

It does matter. Losing 31 out of 31 times matters. It’s a heavy weight on the heart. They whisper “Someday” but I’m sick of waiting for “Someday” to arrive. We deserve it now.

Me and My Sunshine

But patience is a virtue, and so is perseverance. We’ll keep fighting, keep talking, keep waving our rainbow flags in the air defiantly. We’ll hoot and holler in your face at every parade and every protest. I’ll keep living the life I’m living. I’ll keep waking up next to my girlfriend every morning and remembering every moment just why I fell in love with her. And I’ll keep questioning why. Why are we not equal? Why are we not seen as a real family? And I’ll keep looking for answers.

And I’ll keep telling myself it’s okay. We’ll get them next time.

Pomegranate green tea is good. Life update.

I’m going to quickly mention that it’d be worth a look at the comments of my last post (on the Matthew Shepard Act) because there is a really interesting conversation between myself and Joshua. We both have some really good points and I enjoyed that. So I thought I’d mention it.

I actually don’t have a lot to write about right now. I haven’t been keeping up with my usual news reports because my life is currently being taken up by drag practice. The drag show is this Friday with a second showing on Saturday, which happens to be my birthday. So I’ll be exhausted and sleeping during the day I’m sure. I have had sometime for WoW, but not nearly enough and my warlock is still only lvl 24 (and she’s been that way for awhile). Not enough time at all.

Since there isn’t much to say, I’ll leave you with this little message: Life’s short. Get a divorce.

Political Babble about the Matthew Shepard Act.

If any of you are familiar with Fair Wisconsin, then you probably already know this.

On May 3, the House of Representatives voted 237-180 in favor of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. This act is also more commonly known as the Matthew Shepard Act. It includes protection for gay, lesbian and transgender individuals who are victims of hate crimes, which is something that should have long been included in law enforcement. It’s sad that it has only now come into play.

This bill is now being sent over to the Senate, which is thought to have enough democratic support to be passed. Unfortunately, the conservatives (or most) are pushing for President Bush to veto it if voted in favor of. Since we have all know how the President feels about this, it will most likely happen.

But what can we do to stop him? Fair Wisconsin and its allies are calling on Bush to meet with the families of those who have suffered from hate crimes due to sexuality and gender. There are action networks being created all over the country, and if you just look for your state’s GLBT support group, I’m sure you’ll find a way to help out.

So why would people want to stop a hate crime bill from being passed? Oh I suppose that means they can’t say prejudice things against gay people! Oh what a pitty. Many conservative groups are afraid that this is going to take away their rights in saying hurtful things to those they oppose. Uh huh.

You know, sometimes I find it really hard to understand the world.

What is your definition of equality?

Another one bites the dust. Political Rant.

There are times when I feel like this country takes giant steps backwards. The US is suppose to be a progressive country right? Is it? I think that’s seriously up for debate. But I think that’s something that should be looked at more thoroughly than what I have time for right now. But here’s a small example:

“A group of Gig Harbor High School students staged a protest during class hours Monday, criticizing the school’s use of video cameras that caught two girls kissing and holding hands.

“As many as four dozen students risked an unexcused absence to call attention to what they said was discrimination against lesbian students.

“Some called for Keith Nelson, the dean of students, to be fired for showing the video to the parents of one of the girls in February. The parents of that girl, a junior, withdrew her from school. She’s now attending at a campus outside the district.”

Article from The News Tribune: Students skip classes to Protest.

I don’t understand this. They would never show a tape of a boy and a girl kissing, despite what the principal would say. I’m sure there have been dozens of kisses in that lunchroom and this is the first time something like this has happened for the soul reason of it being a kiss between two girls. Not only is this horrible for their own privacy, but this is a step back in treating people equally; and this includes enforcing rules on everyone. Not just those who swim outside the mainstream of society’s norms.

You know, schools should be a safe place. Not one where you have to fear discrimination from your own teacheres. Apparently the dean isn’t even being fired, just relocated, and the school administrators aren’t even admitting that it was because of this situation.

Privacy shouldn’t have to come with a price.