Happy Towel Day!

Need I say more? Mr. Douglas Adams is one of my biggest inspirations and favorite authors. His work has a long-standing of residing on my bookshelves. My favorite is not one of his most popular, though it should be. If you ever get a chance, read Last Chance to See, and catch the BBC series with Stephen Fry. Adams was an amazing author and his legacy will go on forever – to the restaurant at the end of the world even.

Always remember: Don’t panic. We love you D.A. Hope the universe is just as exciting on the other side.

And Another Thing…

I am not at all sure how I feel about this.

A new Hitchhiker’s book? By someone other than the late, great Douglas Adams?

Of course it will be a let down. But I’m kind of intrigued. I like Eoin Colfer and his writing, and it was Adams’ wife who came up with the idea and who would write it. That’s got to say something.

I don’t know. What do you think?