A Reason For My Absence

Alright, life has taken on a whole new meaning of hectic. Ash and I recently took in three strays: a four month old, thirty pound Irish wolfhound mix and a mother cat and her kitten. This brings up our total amount of furry kids to three dogs, six cats, two ferrets, three rats, and two fish. Our house is absolutely insane. To top it off, Ash’s laptop is out of commission and she’s been using mine for her work – which I’m fine with since it has allowed me to focus more on art and catching up with reading materials, but it means I’ve had to take a break from twitter and some designs I was working on.

Anyway, Ash and I recently took the three strays to the vet and spent a little over $160 to make sure all three were healthy. The cats were strays, but the puppy was obviously someone’s pet – only we’ve had him for five, six days now and nobody has called in a lost dog anywhere. We’ve checked the paper, the shelters, animal control, etc, and yet nothing. Unfortunately, we can’t really afford the bill, having just paid the vet even more money on our rats and our oldest dog, so we’re asking for donations from other animal lovers to help us get these rescued animals fixed up for their future owners (since we can’t keep them ourselves, we’re fostering them until we can find them new homes).

All donations will go straight to the vet bills, to get vaccinations, get tests, etc. Anything helps – even $5 goes far. I usually don’t like asking for money, but this is for such a good cause and we really can’t do this without your help. Also, if anyone is interested in a puppy or a couple of cute kittens, let us know. ;D If you want to know more about these cute kids, go check out the blog over at our rescue site I Love Rescue Animals.

Snarf the Pup
The Kittens

Hopefully this all explains why I haven’t been online and why I’m pushing my ComicCon Contest back a few days. I just can’t keep up with things right now – our house is a mad house and there is far too much to do offline. I hope you can understand. I’m sure you will. I can’t say no to a fluffy puppy face. Who can?

Our little cat. I think.

Merlin, our 11 month old kitten, who happens to look more like a five year old cat than a baby and acts more like a dog than a kitten, is probably the most destructive animal you will ever meet. But when he’s sleeping, well he’s just darn cute. And photogenic.

Merlin in the Chair

While he tends to act like a dog, he sits like a person. Yeah, we have a cat with an identity problem. But still. He’s just darn cute.

When he’s sleeping.

Turkey Day!

So I’m writing this, but yet again, I’m not! How? Because since I’ll be gone for a few days, I’m writing this in advance so it shows up that I have posted every day for November. Cheating? I don’t think so. I think of it as innovative and resourceful.

Anyway. Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day/Holidays!


Have a sleepy Zane.  Ain’t he cute?

Pocket Merlin.

I’m too tired to actually do a post, but I feel like I kind of jipped out on today in regards to some interesting content. So, to make up for it, have a kitten.


Unfortunately, he’s too big to actually fit in my pocket anymore. It’s sad and I miss it. Now he likes to hang out on my shoulder while I’m wandering around the house. Or on Ash’s back while she’s typing on her computer. It’s cute, though a little annoying.

Right. Bed time. Oh, and go meet Galileo!

Merlin the Psycho Cat

I swear, our cat is a dog. Merlin, our 14 week old kitten, is a dog. Not only does he follow Spunky around EVERYWHERE and sleep with him (really, he sleeps curled up in his tail), but he runs to the door with him when someone comes in, he tries to eat the dog food with Spunky, he chases his tail in circles, he gives Spunky baths but terrorizes the other cats, and I swear I even heard him bark a couple of times.

We got him back in August and the only reason we brought him home was because Spunky wanted him. There were these girls with a basket with two kittens in it. They put the basket down, Spunky stuck his face in it, and Merlin instantly started throwing himself all over Spunky’s face. It was like we had to take him home because Spunky wanted him. We think that perhaps Merlin was taken from his mother too early and he’s imprinted himself onto Spunky, which is why he acts the way he does. He’s a neurotic little cat.

There was no point to this post really. I was just watching Merlin chasing his tail and it struck me that I never really mentioned his bizarre behavior here. So now you know.

Crazy cat.