12 Great Web Links and a Puppy

I generally try to post every weekday, but yesterday and today I’ve been out of it with a sinus infection, making it hard to hear, breathe, sit up, and pretty much function normally. So as a cop-out, have a list of good blog links that I’ve enjoyed lately.

01. Twitter Face-Off: Calvin Lee vs. Andy Sowards from Grace Smith.
02. Creative Tips for Creative Writing from Blellow.
03. The Simple Fitness Rules from Zen Habits.
04. 5 Things I’ve Learned Working Freelance from Sabrina Dent
05. Should You Write Blog Posts on the Weekend from Tim Scullin
06. Creative 404 Error Pages Around for Inspiration from Instant Shift
07. Quick Tip #34 for Rounding the Corners from Niki Brown
08. 5 Things Sesame Street Can Teach You About Breakthrough Blogging from CopyBlogger
09. 66 High Resolution Nature Desktop Backgrounds from 1st Web Designer
10. Top 10 Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument from Wired
11. 25 Excellent Typography Tools for the Serious Designer from 6Revisions
12. The Stunning Work of Chris McVeigh from Abduzeedo

Also want to mention that I was one of the 55 twitterers in Grace Smith’s 55 Twitterers Share Their Freelancing Memories. Great article and some great memories shared. Check it out and enjoy the other articles as well. I’m off to pass out in bed.


Or go knit in bed with a very cute Rufus puppy (who is, of course, one of the best cuddle buddies you could ask for when you’re sick) and watch some Xena. I really watch that show for Gabi. Can’t help it, she’s hot.

Wild Child.

I’m currently 112 in the queue to play World of Warcraft. Better than being in the thousands, I suppose.

Doggy Kerchief

That’s Rufus wearing the doggy kerchief I made him. I got some new yarn today in the mail today so after I finish the kitschy kerchief I’m working on (for myself), I want to try something a little harder. I’m happy to be knitting again, I just wish I had more time for it. Since I’m jobless at the moment, my time is generally divided up between drawing with my new art supplies, knitting, or playing WoW. All the while watching documentaries on the History channel. This morning we did take a break from all that and went outside and played with my remote control Dragonfly. That was fun and we’ll probably do it again tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain – which it looks like it will).

I am so craving chocolate right now. Oh man, oh man. And I’ve moved up to 69 in the queue. It’s going fast tonight. Almost WoW time!

Playing WoW, talking about knitting, and watching Banned from the Bible. What a night. I’m a wild child, can you tell?

Knitting, work, and blood.

Not much time to blog, as expected, though I have been getting a lot of knitting accomplished and I hope to finish my first knitted bag by the end of next week, at least the knitting part anyway. I’m, sadly, very slow at this. My ADD kicks in after two rows and then I have to find something else to do. I’ll try and post pictures of my progress.

At the moment, I’m at work trying to get to work on our upcoming Newsletter. I hated the last format, so I’m working on a new one. Unfortunately, every time I try to open Photoshop, everything slows down to a crawl. Let’s see what happens when I uninstall some things, shall we?

This is a boring entry, but it’s been a very hectic day. Trust me.

I just cut my finger. It’s bleeding. Lovely.