On Being Sick (Ick).

I’ve been pretty sick the last few days. And when I’m sick, I turn into a horrible, fiery, raging war, demon-monster with hair sticking straight up and eyes beaming out red lasers at anything and anyone that’s in my way. Swear to god. I hate being sick and I hate it even more when people attempt to fuss over me. Which makes me seem like an ungrateful witch, but when I’m sick, I like to pretend that I’m not and that I’m really Super Woman and I can do anything. So when people treat me like I’m sick, my stubborn ass does a 180 and I push myself so hard to be normal, that I make myself even sicker.

Which is why I’m still sick and I’m currently laying in bed trying not to throw up. Still. I wish I could just blame it all on my compromised immune system, but I know that I’m just hurting myself by not just acting like I should and be sick.

Because I was such a wench to her yesterday when she was just trying to take care of me, I promised Ash that I would take it easy and stay in bed today and let her pamper me. So we cuddled in bed and watched Charmed when we woke up and now she’s working on her rates for her pet business. She does pet sitting, training, photography, adoption counseling, and puppy-proofing, and she has her first potential client. I’m so proud of her for getting everything set up. I was helping her research which is why she gave me my computer (I’m trying to stay off of it today since it kind of makes me sicker), but since there isn’t much I can do while she figures it all out, I thought I’d blog.

One thing about being sick is that it’s helping me with one of my New Year’s resolutions: read more books. I’m currently reading A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L’Engle, who happens to be one of my all-time favorite authors. Troubling A Star is my favorite of her books, followed closely by my current read, and then Many Waters. Of course, A Wrinkle in Time will always hold a special spot being the first I ever read. But I love her books. They’re just classics. Anyway, yes, I’m reading more and it’s good. I should finish knitting my gloves, but even that makes me tired lately. Why do you always have to be tired when you’re sick?

I hate being sick.