In which we drop from 22 to 21.

Morgan and Me

Morgan Niels-Jeske
“The Valentine Baby”
January 1, 2008 – February 5, 2010
Adopted into our family February 14, 2008

She no longer has the burden of an old body, but I’m going to miss her so much. Here’s an excerpt from the journal entry I wrote about her on Valentine’s Day of 2008. The best Valentine’s Day ever.

In my hands was a tiny, beautiful baby girl rat. Seriously, all I did was stare at her for the longest time. I couldn’t formulate any thoughts and I hardly dared hope that she was mine, so I kept asking stupid questions like “Where’d she come from?” and “What is she doing here?” I know I kind of made Ash nervous that I didn’t like her, but I was just in shock. And then when it finally started to dawn on me that this little girl was mine, I began to tear up and almost started crying. She’s so beautiful. She’s mostly white with a dark gray hood with a white line like a scar down her face to her nose and a dark gray spot on her back. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

We love you, Morgan.

Well wishes for a Rat.

I’ve posted this before, but since we’re worried about Morgan (the rat on the left), I thought I’d put it up again.

Morgan and Meetu

Please send good thoughts to our girl. She needs them. We’re bring her to the vet tomorrow. <3

To do! To do!

So here is a list of stuff I want to get done today (or this week):

– Move Kendi’s tub into the bedroom. Ideally on my desk somewhere. I really wish I could afford to get her a real tank.
– Get all the critter cages clean (ferrets, girl rats, fish, Chunky, Kendi, cat room).
– Hear back from clients and hopefully get paid.
– Finish the new Snailbird design (so far it’s nothing but a sketch in my book.
– Finish up two more premades for the Design Coyote shop.
– Clean the room so the ferrets can run around in here.
– Cut ferrets’ nails.

(v yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer) – Morgan, who jumped from the shelf to my laptop when I wasn’t looking.

Morgan and Meetu

I had more but now I can’t remember it. I have two rats (Morgan is in the background and Meetu is the dumbo) and a cat currently on my desk wreaking havoc on everything and my brain has turned to mush. I need to blog more.