Anna Akana is an actress and YouTuber extraordinaire, and while she says she’s still trying to find her voice, I think she’s pretty solidly found it, if this recent video of hers has anything to say about it.

This is the best “make-up” video I’ve ever seen. Be confident. Be bold. Be the most beautiful You you can be. (And there ain’t nothing wrong or anti-feminist about wanting to look good to give yourself that extra confidence and happiness boost – I’ve had THAT conversation way more times than I can count.)

As Anna says, “The power of make up is incredible, but the power of you is cray cray.”

Reaching for Myself.

I need a self-exploration day.

Okay, I just sat here for a few minutes and read that over in my head several times, and there’s really no way that can be said without a thousand innuendos popping up into the brains of the few loyal readers I have. Or it could just be my fourth grade sense of humor (i.e. immaturity) surfacing. In either case, I now have you all thinking inappropriate thoughts about my sex life. Let’s try this again.

I need a day devoted to defining myself. And what I mean by that is … well, in all honesty, I don’t know what that means. It could mean anything from running naked through the woods and yapping at the moon to setting up my acrylics and painting. I’m going to assume that it’ll be more likely that I’ll put brush to canvas since 1) I’m not a fan of public nudity (most certainly not my own) and 2) it’s a steady zero degrees out right now and I’d rather not lose any exposed body parts to frostbite. I’m cold enough inside with a multitude of layers, thank you.

Anyway, it’s not just me. Ash needs one of those days, too. We’ve both been horribly stressed out with this house situation and it’s really getting to us. We just need a day where we can both do exactly what we want and not worry about time or money. I know it’s not going to happen for a good long time, but maybe once we get more stuff packed, we can take an afternoon off and just have a play date with one another.

Ah sexual innuendos. I’m talking about video games, you perverts.

I’m going to bed.