Ostara: Springing Forward with New Life

Today is the day to make your offerings to the earth. Here in Texas, the signs of Spring have been growing rapidly the last month or so. Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes are everywhere along the sides of the roads. Butterflies are all over our backyard. Flowers are blooming, the trees are filled with leaves, and the nights are warm. It’s my favorite time of year down here in the south. Our Spring is short – it all too quickly gives way to Summer here – so I’m grateful for this brief time where our windows can be open to let in the fresh air thick with the smell of fragrant gardens.

“The Lord and Lady of Spring have arrived
as the soil begins to change and new life awakens.
The sun draws close and warms the earth,
bringing light to the growing path at our feet.

Life is in Spring,
In the sunlit showers of a storm,
in the budding of a new flower,
in the fertile fields awaiting their seeds.
From the cool mornings to the warm afternoons
to the chill nights beneath the stars.
Spring has come and we are thankful.”

For me, today marks a personal resolution towards better and more forgiving self care, to be outside at least once a day to just sit and look and listen and feel the world moving around me. Today Medeina guides me forward to the earth, to find parts of myself I feel I’ve lost, and to protect the forests in my mind that I’ve neglected. I need to reconnect with the natural world somehow even if it just means sitting in the backyard. I’m thankful for our yard – it’s always filled with birds and squirrels and plants and life. And at night there are stars. I will honor my Goddess with renewed strength.

May Ostara bring joy and easiness into your lives, friends. 🌸🌱

Artist Showcase: A Celebration of Spring!

While there is still snow in many parts of the world, here in Texas Spring has sprung! The bluebonnets have taken over every roadside, the sun is out, and the bugs are everywhere! So in celebration of a new season, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Spring-inspired illustrations from DeviantArt. If you’re still dealing with the cold and snow, I hope these make you a little warmer. Enjoy!





















Photoshop Goodies: A bit of natural fluff.

So I’ve been busy doing web stuff that last couple of days, and I managed to get a new design up at A.Net and a new one up at Studio Brushes. At Studio Brushes there are also three new Photoshop 7 brushes up for download, my favorite being this set:

Natural Wings
Download brushes here.

All my brushes are in zipfiles so they have to extracted before they can be used.

I’ll be working on my side project, the James Gurney fanlisting tonight, if I’m not totally lost to WoW. Which there are good chances that might happen.

For the Horde!

May is here & the drag show!

The weather is still fluctuating here in good old Northern Wisconsin. It’s May, but it barely feels like it, though we have had a few good showers. Winter term is over, Spring Break came and went (and was fantastic and spent with my family and my girlfriend), and now May is here and along with it, Spring Term. Which means two classes: Dreams and Dreamwork and Wilderness Navigation.

Both are what exactly they sound like. So this month I will be dreaming about getting lost in the woods. Wonderful.

May also means Drag season. Drag practices start tonight (in a half an hour) and will be continuous until May 18th, the night of the show. May 19th happens to be my birthday which I will spend with my girl who got the weekend off of work so she could be with me.

For Drag, I’m going to do Michael Buble’s version of “Fever” and something else, though I’m not sure what. I am also in the boi band (the one with the good hair), and tonight we’ll be practicing “Everybody” and I’ll come out of it with grapefruit-size bruises on my knees since that’s how it always is. Ah the pains of being anemic.

I’ve missed this spring-feel. The wonderful smells and the much anticipated signs of green. May is my favorite month. This, however, is going to be a busy one though because I’m currently in the process of packing and moving to Superior. Do I really have this much stuff? Where did it all come from? How much can you really fit into a cubicle-sized dorm room? Apparently a lot. Most of which will be going into storage so I don’t take up the entirity of Tiff’s place. I hate moving, but it’s for a good cause.

I hope everyone has a fantastic May. What are your plans for the month?