In honor of the raging storm outside my window and the fact that I started reading A Wrinkle in Time tonight (for the hundredth time), here are some amazing photos (and some photo manips) of gorgeous lightning and thunderclouds by the talented Mathieu Degrotte.







“Wild nights are my glory,” Mrs Whatsit said. “I just got caught in a down draft and blown off course.” – Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

I just love the colors on these. Gorgeous work. Check out more of his artwork (he is also a talented artist) and photography on his deviantart page. You can also find him on Facebook and Tumblr.

A Plea for Rain in Texas

We need rain here in Texas. Badly.

That’s a picture from Big Dog Rescue’s Facebook page. They’re located in the Austin area, and their Vice President just had her house burned down and they’re looking for fosters to take in animals displaced. The Bastrop County Animal Shelter was evacuated as well and thanks to the awesome folks at Austin Pets Alive and the Austin Humane Society, all the animals were saved and they’re looking for donations and temporary fosters.

If you’re in Texas and want to help in some way, check out the Help For Fire Victims Facebook page and keep updated with the news on the Statesman, they’ve been on top of everything. It’s been crazy down here, and today is supposed to be worse. If you haven’t heard, Central Texas is being hit HARD with fires right now. The biggest being the one in Bastrop that has burned up to 25,000 acres since yesterday, jumped the Colorado River twice, and has desecrated more than 300 houses. Over 5,000 people have been evacuated so far, and a mother and her 18-month-old child were killed. The winds from the recent hurricane aren’t helping. You can check out the placement of all fire activity on this page.

Ash and I are in east Austin and while the fires are supposedly moving away from us, we’ve still come up with our evacuation plan (packing up 20 animals is no easy feat). Standing outside in our front yard, the smell of smoke is strong. It’s scary. If we didn’t have so many fosters already, I know we’d both be at the shelter taking in animals right now. I’ll be continually nagging friends all day to make sure they’re okay.

Please send good thoughts, positive vibes, and lots of rain.

Helping Haiti with Design

Help Haiti!

After the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, I was at a loss as to what to do. I’m still at a loss, but I hope that even this little effort will make a difference. I recently joined the livejournal community HELP_HAITI and decided to throat my hat in the game. I’m auctioning up some of my design work to try and raise money for a hurting country. Here’s the info:

You can see things I’ve created at: (for designs) and (for icons)

I am offering: A set of 20 icons OR a WordPress Design from my DC Shop (either for WordPress or to be modified as an LJ design if possible)

Fandoms (if appropriate): For icons, it can be any fandom.

Additional Info (optional): As with most others, I would prefer if you gave me the images to work with for the icons – they are yours, so wouldn’t you like to have the say in what they look like?

Designs currently up in my Design Coyote shop can be viewed here. If you want a blogger design, make sure to choose one with that option, I won’t be modifying them for blogger for this bid (only to LJ).

Starting Bid: $15

If you’re interested, please go here to comment and make a bid – bidding will end January 20th, so make sure to get in fast. All proceeds that I make will go to the charity of your choice, and (taking a leaf from Leigh), I’ll match the winning bid with my proceeds going to UNICEF. Let’s try and give a little back to the world, shall we? Let’s do it!

Excuse Me? I thought I was in Texas.

Someone forgot to give Cold Miser the memo: TEXAS DOESN’T HAVE SNOW. Let me break it down for you.

This is where I live. It’s this nice little state in the SOUTH called TEXAS.

The place where it does not snow

This? This is what is NOT supposed to happen.


Could someone please make this stop? Like now. I’d like to be able to drive home without being hit by a Texan driver that has never seen snow or ice in his life. People here are already pre-panicking and it hasn’t even stuck on the ground.

In conclusion. This is Texas. Snow does not belong here. Please make it stop.


Coyote Needs a Storm.

I miss summer thunderstorms. I miss the sudden cool breeze that brings in the rolling dark clouds. I miss how the thunder starts with low rumbles deep in the chest and the wind picks up and slowly, one by one, the rain starts to fall. I miss the dark, low sky and how every green blade of grass is polarized in the sudden ambiance that takes over the world. I miss how the electricity builds in my chest as the thunder gets louder and the lightening fills the clouds with a promise of more to come. Most of all, I miss the feeling I get when a storm is in the horizon and I just feel alive.

It has rained too much for the past week but it’s nothing like a summer storm. It’s cold drizzle, mixed with hail and tiny flecks of snow that don’t stay on the ground. It’s not the frigid freezing of northern Wisconsin that we left, but the cold here is nothing less than annoying, making it uncomfortable to play outside in the wet air. So I’ve been stuck inside, staring out the window at the lonely lake with waves that Ash describes as dancing. It is beautiful, in its dreary way, but I want to run. When we were in Texas, I ran for the first time in I don’t know how long, with no asthma side effects. I want to run now and jump and just move and explore. I am feeling Coyote but I’m stuck within four walls with nothing to do but chase my tail.

And it doesn’t taste very good when I catch it. Sigh.

May is here & the drag show!

The weather is still fluctuating here in good old Northern Wisconsin. It’s May, but it barely feels like it, though we have had a few good showers. Winter term is over, Spring Break came and went (and was fantastic and spent with my family and my girlfriend), and now May is here and along with it, Spring Term. Which means two classes: Dreams and Dreamwork and Wilderness Navigation.

Both are what exactly they sound like. So this month I will be dreaming about getting lost in the woods. Wonderful.

May also means Drag season. Drag practices start tonight (in a half an hour) and will be continuous until May 18th, the night of the show. May 19th happens to be my birthday which I will spend with my girl who got the weekend off of work so she could be with me.

For Drag, I’m going to do Michael Buble’s version of “Fever” and something else, though I’m not sure what. I am also in the boi band (the one with the good hair), and tonight we’ll be practicing “Everybody” and I’ll come out of it with grapefruit-size bruises on my knees since that’s how it always is. Ah the pains of being anemic.

I’ve missed this spring-feel. The wonderful smells and the much anticipated signs of green. May is my favorite month. This, however, is going to be a busy one though because I’m currently in the process of packing and moving to Superior. Do I really have this much stuff? Where did it all come from? How much can you really fit into a cubicle-sized dorm room? Apparently a lot. Most of which will be going into storage so I don’t take up the entirity of Tiff’s place. I hate moving, but it’s for a good cause.

I hope everyone has a fantastic May. What are your plans for the month?