Animal Allies Oracle Cards by Jessica Swift

One of my fave pattern designers and painters is Jessica Swift (I’ve written about her before on this blog) and I happen to have four or five of prints hanging up around our house (plus I am a proud of her adorable rainboots). I’ve been a huge fan of her Animal Totem art since she first began them as daily art projects at the beginning of 2016 (you can read that story here) and I was ecstatic to learn a few months ago that she was turning those paintings into an oracle deck!

Suffice to say as soon as I got the email that the preorder was up I mashed that button so hard. And I’m stoked to tell you that I now hold the final product in my hands and I’m blown away by how perfect and just how accurately they represent everything I love about Jessica Swift and her work. Her work has always spoken to me and this deck has quickly become a daily motivation for me.

My favorite card (& painting) of course is the coyote, but each animal chosen for the deck has the potential to bring about change and inspiration to the every day. I’m so grateful that Jessica brought this beautiful product into existence. You can pick up your own Animal Allies Oracle Deck on her website!

ART! 15 Days of Inktober Fun!

Last year I tried out Inktober for the first time and while I really loved doing it, I only made it day 9 because it was around this time last year that the arthritis in my hands started to get worse and was making it very hard to hold a physical utensil. This year, I’ve been taking it a lot slower and have been using my Surface because drawing digitally means not having to control the pressure with my hand, but with the brushes instead. It’s a lot easier for me to hold the thicker tablet pen too.

I’m days behind but I’m being forgiving of myself because this is the most I’ve been able to draw in awhile and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I decided to sketch animals that mean something to me in someway so every animal that follows has made some sort of connection in my life.

Hope everyone has had a very happy and spooky and cheerful October! You can follow the rest of my progress by following me on twitter or instagram. Update: Because of health issues, I wasn’t able to do any more inktober-specific art. BUT! This gave me a good boost of confidence in my art and I can’t wait to draw more. Thanks for all your support!

For the Love of Dog: Pet Portrait Artists!

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a huge animal lover and I’m very passionate about the many animals that are in my life. Combine that with my love of art and you’ve got the perfect mix for today’s article: a showcase of three incredibly talented pet artists. These three woman create beautiful pieces of artwork in very different styles that bring to life beloved dogs and cats a like (and horses and goldfish and what have you). They all have a passion for animals as well and it can plainly be seen in the love and detail they put into every single painting. Enjoy!

Chelsea Conlin



Rachael Rossman



Kristin Bowen



Artist Showcase: Chelsea Conlin

Ah Mondays. What better way to start off the week with some awesome art from a brilliant artist? I met today’s featured showcase through Deviantart and Twitter and discovered not just a wonderful digital painter, but an animal lover as well! There are really not a lot of people higher than artistic dog lovers in my book.

Chelsea Conlin 01

Chelsea Conlin is a freelance illustrator who has made her way around the world and back; she grew up in New York and moved to Rhode Island for school, then she moved to Sapporo, Japan where she spent several years teaching English before heading off to Colorado for a short stint. She now lives in the bluegrass state of Kentucky. She likes to hike, hang out with her greyhound, and most of all paint.

Chelsea Conlin 02

One of the things I love about Chelsea’s artwork is that no matter what it is, there’s a certain realism to it. Look at any of her subjects, whether it’s Cthulhu or a unicorn, every detail might possibly have come from the reality of a different world. She has a certain grasp of anatomy and depth of character that really makes her digital paintings stand out. From silly to elegant, fantastical to still lives, she is an artist to look out for.

Chelsea Conlin 03

Find out more about Chelsea here:

Website: Paper Nautilus
Blog: Paper Nautilus Blog
Deviantart: cacodaemonia
Twitter: @cacodaemonia
Livejournal: cacodaemonia
ConceptArt: Sketchbook
Tegaki E: cacodaemonia

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