Etsy Showcase #2: Sea Elves, Messengers from the Ocean

There are an epic amount of squee-worthy items on the internet, so I often save them for Facebook or Twitter. Every once in awhile though, I come across some that are completely and utterly worth an entire blog post, just to share and squee over without a set character limit.

Well folks, you’re welcome for this one, because it’s a good one. Two of my favorite online artists, Jessica Swift and Laura of le animale, have teamed up to bring everyone one of the most adorable products I have ever seen. Like. YEAH. ADORABLE. Not just adorable, but energetically and spiritually positive!


Sea Elves: Loch Ness Messengers of Universal Energy

This is what Jessica and Laura say about the Sea Elves:

“Sea Elves are age old creatures who have been honing their sense of insight and wisdom for millions of years. When a sea elf is born he is assigned a human, and he spends his life discovering and manifesting the perfect energy to deliver that human (you!) when you choose to call him. Your sea elf will deliver 1 of 13 different energies: whichever he has discovered suits you most. Each sea elf is completely unique, equally as colorful, and just as powerful as the next, but you won’t know exactly what your sea elf looks like until he arrives at your door. Why not call on one for yourself plus one for your closest friends and family to see what Loch Ness has in store for each of you?”

seaelves02 seaelves03 seaelves04

You can find these adorable critters on their very own Etsy shop! Thanks Jess and Laura for these wonderful creations!

Etsy Showcase #1: White Dragon Paper

Guess what time it is! It’s New Series Time! That’s right, I’m bringing in a series I’ve been wanting to write for ages and I’m so excited about. I just opened my own Etsy shop and I often fall in love with fellow handmade creatives. So now I’m going to start highlighting and showcasing my favorites. I’m so proud to say that my first showcase is not only a fellow shopkeeper, but they’re also my friend! Introducing: Rocky Lawton of White Dragon Paper!

White Dragon Paper: The Interview

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a 24 year old college student studying Environmental & Social Geography at The Ohio State University. I’ve always been artistic and creative, but what I work with has ranged from pencils and paint, to wood, and more recently paper. I am owned by several furry critters including a beagle, guinea pig, rabbit, and a rat.

When did you first decide to start making papers and inks? What got you on this path?

I started making paper maybe 4 yours ago. I just got bored one summer and found some simple directions online. After messing around with the basics, I started tweaking my recipes and techniques to produce better quality paper. I soon had stacks and stacks of paper with nothing to do with them. On a lark, I tried selling the papers, and found they were popular enough to pay for my tuition at community college. Since then it’s been a dream of mine to work full time making my papers, envelopes, and inks, as well as any additional products I come up with.

What’s your favorite part of the paper-making process?

My favorite part is pulling the crisp, dry papers off the drying rack and seeing a stack of a couple hundred clean sheets. That is the perfectly balanced moment between seeing my hard work finished and knowing it will soon be sent off to someone else as the materials for their project.

You have so many different kinds of papers! Where do you get the inspiration from?

Mostly I get my inspiration from my available materials and customers. If I have a pile of colored paper to recycle, that’s where the inspiration to make red or blue or teal colored papers comes from. Occasionally though I get a request from a customer for paper that I don’t currently have available. Once I make the product, if it turns out to be a good product, I’ll offer it regularly in my shop.

I love the name White Dragon Paper – where did it come from?

Well, my first papers were plain white because I mostly used recycled computer paper. The dragon comes from my favorite mythical animal, and paper…well, that’s pretty self-explanatory! I tried a few different arrangements of the words, but liked White Dragon Paper the best, and stuck with it, using a white dragon resting on top of a stack of paper as my company logo.

And finally… What’s your favorite piece in your shop right now? What do you hope to have more of in the future?

My favorite item in my shop is the original white paper. I love how clean it looks, but upon closer inspection it has so much depth, and each batch has a slightly different flair to it depending on what was put in as the recycled material. In the future though, I hope to have more colored papers, and a steady supply of them. The plan is to team up with some local schools to collect their recyclable papers, which will hopefully give me a steady supply of colored flyers and folders that I can use to make a rainbow of papers in various sizes, and hopefully matching envelopes.

White Dragon Paper: Featured Products

Hope you enjoy our new series and don’t forget to check out White Dragon Paper on Etsy!