Comic Book Heroes and the Contest!

Growing up, I loved comic books.

Yeah, who am I kidding? I never grew up, and I still love comic books. Graphic novels. Writings with pictures. The works. It started with X-Men and Archie, became an obsession with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and culminated into a fascination with how art evolved in comics throughout the years. I love learning about comic histories and back stories of superheroes. Really, I just love comic book heroes in general, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites.

The Comic Book Heroes!

Storm (Marvel)
Best Known From: X-Men
Ororo Iqadi T’Challa, the daughter of a Kenyan Princess and an African photojournalist, was a promising thief in Cairo when she met Professor X of the X-Men. He saw within her great potential and took her under his wing. With the X-Men, she became one of its leaders and the beautifully dangerous Storm was born.

Beast Boy (DC Comics)
Best Known From: Teen Titans
Beast Boy
Garfield Mark “Gar” Logan had the unfortunate mishap of being bitten by a green monkey when he was a boy, and due to the medicine given to him to save his life, his own skin turned green and his powers to shape-shift were established. Beast Boy (or Changeling as he was known as for awhile) was a part of the Doom Patrol and later the Teen Titans.

Batwoman (DC Comics)
Best Known From: Batman
Batwoman is the alter ego of Katherine “Kate” Kane and was originally the love interest of Batman in the 50s. The modern Batwoman, however, is a Jewish lesbian with several tattoos and a punk persona. Like Batman, her powers rely more on her feminine-disguised gadgets rather than any super human powers.

Abe Sapien (Dark Horse Comics)
Best Known From: Hellboy
Abe Sapien
Abraham “Abe” Sapien is an Icthyo sapien, which can best be described as a “merman.” Originally a man named Langdon Everett Caul who was turned into his current appearance by an underwater deity and a misplaced ritual, was saved by Hellboy a century later from curious scientists who named him Abraham after the date that was written on the side of the tube they found him in: April 14, 1865 (the day Lincoln was shot).

Death (Vertigo)
Best Known From: The Sandman
The second oldest of the family of Endless, Death is the only one not tied with limitations. She is portrayed as a young goth girl, perky, with an silver ankh around her neck. She comes to humans when they are born and when they die, and one day a century, she becomes a mortal doomed to die to better understand those she works with.

Who are your favorite comic book heroes?