Time Management for Freelancers

I am the first to tell you that when it comes to time management, I fail. Hard. I have never been able to manage my time wisely. I am an avid procrastinator (on homework and my own projects – great clients motivate me enough to get their designs done) and, what with Spring bringing lots of sunny weather, I find it hard to sit at my computer and focus on the screen. But with the coming of Summer and the economy on the rise again, I find myself with more and more projects to take care of. This means that I am at my computer more and more even on the sunniest days so when I do go outside into the sun, my skin begins to melt off and the paleness of my skin blinds those within a three mile radius. Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

But persist I must, and therefore, I have come up with several tips to help myself focus on getting stuff done (giving me more free time to go outside and remind my family every once in awhile that I love them).

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