Artist Showcase: David Lanham

I realize that my artist showcases have been predominately female, so for your pleasure, today’s showcase is the talented artist David Lanham (who also happens to be a guy). David grew up in Florida but currently resides in North Carolina, living as an illustrator and designer.

David Lanham

“My artwork is made to be fun and enjoyable as well as a bit open-ended to invite the viewer to add their own story to the imagery. Digital works are created on a Mac, using Photoshop and/or Illustrator.” David went to school for drawing and design at the University of Central Florida. Now, he creates beautiful pixel art and icons for Iconfactory, and spends much of his spare time creating wonderfully vivid illustrations.

David Lanham

My favorite aspect of David’s art is his unusual subjects. From monsters to ninjas, his art takes the imagination everywhere, all the while keeping true to the fantastical elements he portrays. Over and over again, his art has turned up on my desktops. If you view his portfolio, almost all of the images in his gallery can be downloaded as stellar wallpapers. If you think you could use a splash of color in your life, check out David’s art.

David Lanham

Find out more about David here:

FlickR: dlanham
Work: Iconfactory
Twitter: @dlanham
Formspring: dlanham

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A Philosophy of Sunshine.

Water by Aeon100
Water by Aeon-100

The philosophy of mine earth can be summed up as this: Sunshine creates happiness, and I create myself. Nights are long and life is predominantly good. Wind is refreshing. Tea is wisdom. Do the best you can, and be good to yourself so that you can above all be good to others. ~Jessi Lane Adams

Reason I love Wednesdays: Comics!

I’ve started looking forward to Wednesdays just for these posts. I love sharing my favorite comics! Take a gander at today’s webcomics and get inspired!

Family Man
Family Man, Dylan Meconis
Updated: (Usually) Wednesdays

Yu + Me: Dream
Yu+Me: Dream, Megan Rose Gedris
Updated: Monday through Friday

The Daily Blink
The Daily Blink, Chris and CP
Updated: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Please share your favorite comics so we can keep our Wednesday Webcomics going!

Win Custom Mini Moo Cards!

I don’t usually do this, but these are too cute not to pass up.

Birdie Contest

Gisele over at Gisele Jaquenod is doing this awesome contest giveaway where the lucky winner gets 100 MOO Minicards. I think this would be a perfect way to get our still new comic, The Family Menagerie, going at different events that are coming up. At any rate, enter the contest, or at least check out Gisele’s awesome blog. I love her style!

The Family Menagerie Updated!

The Family Menagerie: Animals and comics at their best!

It’s Monday and we all know what that means! The Family Menagerie has been updated with some of your favorite characters. Today’s topic? Training (or something like that).

Reaching for a bit of Life.

Helloooo by AdoC
Helloooo by AdoC

Who will tell whether one happy moment of love or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies. ~Erich Fromm

Today is Webcomic Wednesday!

Today’s Webcomic Wednesday consist of one of my old favorites and two new ones I’ve recently stumbled across and started reading. Enjoy!

PVP Online
PVP Online, Scott R. Kurtz
Updated: Mondaysthrough Friday

Dawn Chapel
Dawn Chapel, B. Root
Updated: Thursdays

Nemu Nemu
Nemu*Nemu, Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga
Updated: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Got any webcomics you’d recommend? Let me know and you might just see them here!

Artist Showcase: Chelsea Conlin

Ah Mondays. What better way to start off the week with some awesome art from a brilliant artist? I met today’s featured showcase through Deviantart and Twitter and discovered not just a wonderful digital painter, but an animal lover as well! There are really not a lot of people higher than artistic dog lovers in my book.

Chelsea Conlin 01

Chelsea Conlin is a freelance illustrator who has made her way around the world and back; she grew up in New York and moved to Rhode Island for school, then she moved to Sapporo, Japan where she spent several years teaching English before heading off to Colorado for a short stint. She now lives in the bluegrass state of Kentucky. She likes to hike, hang out with her greyhound, and most of all paint.

Chelsea Conlin 02

One of the things I love about Chelsea’s artwork is that no matter what it is, there’s a certain realism to it. Look at any of her subjects, whether it’s Cthulhu or a unicorn, every detail might possibly have come from the reality of a different world. She has a certain grasp of anatomy and depth of character that really makes her digital paintings stand out. From silly to elegant, fantastical to still lives, she is an artist to look out for.

Chelsea Conlin 03

Find out more about Chelsea here:

Website: Paper Nautilus
Blog: Paper Nautilus Blog
Deviantart: cacodaemonia
Twitter: @cacodaemonia
Livejournal: cacodaemonia
ConceptArt: Sketchbook
Tegaki E: cacodaemonia

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And the Poster Winner is…

Time to announce the winner of the Custom Poster Print Giveaway! Drumroll, if you please… And the winner is:

Random Poster Winner

Number 9: SarahSki!

Congratulations Sarah! I will let our friendly contest sponsors know that you are our winner, and you’ll be receiving an email with instructions for your poster from them. I hope you take pictures of your prize once you get it and put it up somewhere – I know you’ll love having a big poster of your animals. I know I would. 😉

Thanks to everyone who took part and good luck next time. Look for another contest in the future. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

My Debut at Fuel Your Illustration

Fuel Brand Network

So if you’ve been living under a pretty solid rock that past year or so, you might not have heard of the Fuel Brand Network. It was founded by Adelle Charles and Joshua Smibert, and together they have created a virtual treasure trove of amazing resource magazines online. The Fuel Brand Network is made of websites for bloggers, photographers, applications, branding, coding, user interface, production, writing, motionography, venture, and all creative minds. And, of course, there’s the popular Fuel Your Illustration, my personal favorite.

Fuel Your Illustration

A little while ago I sent in a request to do a guest piece for FYIllo and got to talking to the editor, Alex Eben Meyer. Well one thing led to another, and the next thing I know, I’m on the phone with Joshua Smibert himself about some of the ideas both he and I had for the website. So now, I am excited to announce that I am an official contributer/writer for Fuel Your Illustration (look, I’m even in the about section).

My debut article is currently up, entitled “For the Love of Calvin” – it’s a short description about my experiences with Calvin & Hobbes growing up, and the new and long-awaited documentary in the making called Dear Mr. Watterson. Check it out, let me know what you think, and look forward to more articles from me that may or may not include concept art from my favorite MMORPGs, interviews with art directors, webcomic techniques and process, and much more! And don’t forget to check out all the other sites in the ever-growing Fuel Brand Network.