Today is Webcomic Wednesday!

Today’s Webcomic Wednesday consist of one of my old favorites and two new ones I’ve recently stumbled across and started reading. Enjoy!

PVP Online
PVP Online, Scott R. Kurtz
Updated: Mondaysthrough Friday

Dawn Chapel
Dawn Chapel, B. Root
Updated: Thursdays

Nemu Nemu
Nemu*Nemu, Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga
Updated: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Got any webcomics you’d recommend? Let me know and you might just see them here!

3 responses to “Today is Webcomic Wednesday!”

  1. root says:

    Thanks for the plug! 😀

  2. […] cosmic waves of gratitude toward Big Big Truck for linking us up in her livejournal; Nikki Jeske gave us a plug for #webcomicwednesday (which is a twitter-hostile hashtag if I ever saw one) and linked us up on her webcomic, the Family […]

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