Meet Sir Gawain – the Scaly Knight

If you follow me on the twitter, then you’ll have already been introduced to this face. But if you haven’t… join me in welcoming the gloriously beautiful Sir Gawain the Scaley Knight into our family menagerie.

Photo by Lee Jaszlics.

He is a Hogg Island Boa, roughly 5.5 feet in length, and about 6 years old. He belonged to my best friend Lee, who is moving to Australia, so he was recently rehomed to me. He’s absolutely beautiful and I find myself constantly drawn to his amazing colors – and he always has such a smug smile. Especially after he’s eaten.

Photo by me.

Like that. That right there. So smug.

As for an update on the rest of our menagerie, we recently lost the very last of our rats to old age. Artemis outlived her sister by many months and was, what the vet said, a miracle rat. It’s odd not having any more little ones in our house, but Ash and I both work now so it’s hard to give them the time they deserve. Total we have four dogs (2 belong to family members but are staying with us for the time being), seven cats (one is a foster), and one snake. Almost a normal amount.


Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend! Happy Saturday! Oh and don’t forget, I still have FIVE spots open for the Design Coyote New Year Sale! Get a cheap WordPress or Blogger design before they run out! Be well!

Kickstarter Project: Halfling Wars

What’s that you say? Kickstarter? Halflings? VIDEO GAMES?! Three of my favorite things combined?! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!


Or maybe not. But it is something spectacular. My latest favorite Kickstarter fundraiser is a mobile RPG/Simulation game called Halfling Wars, and it’s being created by ChondroStrike, a Utah-based company full of geeks who just want to accomplish one thing: create a cool game.

Here’s what they have to say about Halfling Wars:

“Halfling Wars is a free-to-play fantasy RPG/Simulation game inspired by The Hobbit and similar to Dragonvale, Smurf’s Village, Pokemon, Civilization, SimCity, and even A Kingdoms for Keflings. But Halfling Wars is darker, has a more engrossing story, an epic online battling system, a deeper questing system, and several styles of gameplay. This is NOT a Farmville game! And NOT a Facebook game! You can continually play Halfling Wars at the normal gameplay rate without spending a penny! We have created a really cool world that you can build and develop, but that is the smallest part of Halfling Wars. It’s all about the Battles!”

You can choose to be a Halfling or a Darkling, building your environment and home, farm crops, raise your own creatures, play mini-games, complete quests, and, of course, battle! I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that when this game comes out, I’m gonna have a new addiction.


Pledge to Halfling Wars on Kickstarter!

Currently, Halfling Wars is only $50 away from making its goal on Kickstarter! If it makes it in the next three days, it’s on! So feel free to throw in even just a dollar to help make this game a reality. You can pledge any amount and learn more about the cool folks behind it on their kickstarter page and find out more details at their website.

Referral Program! Did you read this post and make a pledge? That’s awesome! I’m so glad I was able to introduce you to this awesome game. Did you know that Halfling Wars also has a really great Referral Program? Fill out the form, add my name (Nikki Jeske/Snailbird) and we’ll both get thrown into an iPad Mini giveaway! Yay Us! Now go pledge!

Second Inauguration & Happy MLK Day!

Patriotic Nikki - Photo by Ashley Niels
Nikki on the National Mall – Photo by Ashley Niels

Four years ago I was on the national mall with millions of other people watching Obama be sworn in as our president. It was the most thrilling & inspiring event I’ve ever witnessed and I’m so thankful we got that opportunity to be there. I still hold that day in my heart – not just for the historical moment itself, but because out of all those millions of people, there was only one rude person. The rest were downright amazing. It’s incredible the things that bring complete strangers together and how, even on the coldest day of the year when everyone is cramped and freezing and uncomfortable, strangers will open their hearts to each other and go out of their way to help those who need it. I know where I wish I could be right now. I think Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud to share this day.

Happy MLK Day and Happy Inauguration Day, everyone!

Rejoicing in the Heavens & Suns

Galaxy by RivyInRivendell

“Would one think it possible for a man to delight in gauderies like a butterfly, and neglect the Heavens? Did we not daily see it, it would be incredible. They rejoice in a piece of gold more than in the Sun; and get a few little glittering stones and call them jewels. And admire them because they be resplendent like the stars, and transparent like the air, and pellucid like the sea.”

– Thomas Traherne (1637-1674) English poet, mystic, philosopher.

Infographic: An Inside Look at Nintendo’s Success


I was recently contacted by the awesome folks at about a recent infographic they created. When asked if I was interested in sharing it, I jumped at the chance because it’s awesome and about one of my favorite subjects! Nintendo! I love this! Y’all know I’m a fan of video games, and the original NES is where it all started for me. Even though I’ve recently been sucked into my laptop, Nintendo will always have my heart.

Click here to continue reading this article.

Etsy Showcase #2: Sea Elves, Messengers from the Ocean

There are an epic amount of squee-worthy items on the internet, so I often save them for Facebook or Twitter. Every once in awhile though, I come across some that are completely and utterly worth an entire blog post, just to share and squee over without a set character limit.

Well folks, you’re welcome for this one, because it’s a good one. Two of my favorite online artists, Jessica Swift and Laura of le animalé, have teamed up to bring everyone one of the most adorable products I have ever seen. Like. YEAH. ADORABLE. Not just adorable, but energetically and spiritually positive!


Sea Elves: Loch Ness Messengers of Universal Energy

This is what Jessica and Laura say about the Sea Elves:

“Sea Elves are age old creatures who have been honing their sense of insight and wisdom for millions of years. When a sea elf is born he is assigned a human, and he spends his life discovering and manifesting the perfect energy to deliver that human (you!) when you choose to call him. Your sea elf will deliver 1 of 13 different energies: whichever he has discovered suits you most. Each sea elf is completely unique, equally as colorful, and just as powerful as the next, but you won’t know exactly what your sea elf looks like until he arrives at your door. Why not call on one for yourself plus one for your closest friends and family to see what Loch Ness has in store for each of you?”

seaelves02 seaelves03 seaelves04

You can find these adorable critters on their very own Etsy shop! Thanks Jess and Laura for these wonderful creations!

The Design Coyote New Year Sale!


New Year post is a-coming, but for now, THIS!


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Happy New Year, friends!