Tonight I Walked With Dinosaurs

Tonight, I experienced the most amazing, most awe-inspiring, most beautiful journey I have ever had. Tonight, I walked with REAL, LIFE-SIZED DINOSAURS and spent it all with my girlfriend who made it possible. I cannot begin to describe to you the fulfillment of one of my longest-held dreams. If you ever get a chance, go see Walking with Dinosaurs. It is the best experience, hands-down that I have EVER had in my entire life. It is something I will never ever forget.

I’m going to try and post some videos I took later tonight, but for now, have a picture (from the website – my pictures are all dark since they were taken with my camera):

Walking With Dinosaurs

You will be astounded and humbled by these beautiful giants that have come to life. I felt like I was living in James Gurney’s Dinotopia. My favorite part? The moment the Brachiosaurus walked out. My mouth dropped open, my heart felt like it was too big for my chest, and tears welled in my eyes. A 40 foot dinosaur stood above my head and blinked at me. Tonight, I had a dream come true.

2 thoughts on “Tonight I Walked With Dinosaurs

  1. I wanted to take my son to that, but we can’t ever afford tickets when it comes around. It makes me sad. Sounds like you enjoyed it though 😀

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