Artist Showcase: Anne-Julie Aubry

It may be a coincidence, or it may not be, but today I received in the mail the necklace I won from Anne-Julie Aubry. I took this as a sign, so today’s artist showcase will be Anne-Julie Aubry!

Anne-Julie is an amazing illustrator and I highly recommend you check out her website and gallery. She is also a talented jewelry designer and sometimes her work can be found on her etsy shop the Nebulous Kingdom. Her work is so simple yet complex, so innocent but filled with deep meaning. Her color palette is subtle, soft, and fantastical. I just love it.

Last month I took part in a contest on her blog and ended up winning the prize: a beautiful antique-looking necklace with two of Anne-Julie’s prints inside: “Becoming a Puppet” and “La Sorcière Noire.” It wasn’t just the necklace she sent me; I also received her Mother Nature Postcard and a gorgeous little bag that the necklace came in. The whole package was put together with such thought that I felt the need to take a picture to share with you.


Isn’t that just breath-taking? I love it. Thank you so much Anne-Julie for the wonderful prize. It is a beautiful giveaway. I hope you continue making beautiful art for as long as you live. You have a great talent.

You can find Anne-Julie Aubry at the following sites:
Blog: Ma Petite Theiere
Website: Anne-Julie Art
Etsy: The Nebulous Kingdom
Twitter: @annejulieart

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