Webcomic Wednesday: The Hourly Comic Day Special!

Webcomic Wednesday is back folks! And today we have a special feature – today I am showing off some of the comic artists that took part in Hourly Comic Day on February 1st. While I was at work and couldn’t participate myself, I still enjoyed watching what other artists came up with, and I’m sure you will to!

Emily Carroll

Hourly Comic: Em Carroll Blog
Website: www
Twitter: @emilyterrible

Dani Jones

Hourly Comic: Dani Draws
Website: www
Twitter: @danidraws

Jess Fink

Hourly Comic: finkenstein
Website: www
Twitter: @jessfink


2 responses to “Webcomic Wednesday: The Hourly Comic Day Special!”

  1. Halley says:

    Cute! I love Emily’s. That’s how I feel when writing compared to my daily life.

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