Artist Showcase: The Scribbled Stylings of Phil Wall


I’m a fan of abstract art and illustrations that are outside the traditional work. When Phil Wall first showed up on my radar, it was over at Fuel Your Illustration. His Project Photo Doodle is an epic collaboration of photography and doodle monsters. I really like his style, so it comes as no surprise to me that I love his next project too!


Phil Wall is an artist based in the UK. He’s always looking for fresh new ways to create art and his main focus as an illustrator is on creating limited run postcards and prints. Exhibitions and Press includes; Harvey Nichols, The Laughing Squid, Front Magazine, Creative Boom and DesignTaxi.


Phil says of his new style, “I started this series to experiment in creating forms and depth with structured scribbles and circular ‘string like’ lines. I expanded on the idea by mixing in other techniques and balancing the scribbled forms with more intricate line work.”


I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. For more artistic stylings from Phil Wall, you can find him on twitter, facebook, Project Photo Doodle blog, his art blog, and his tumblr.


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