More Art: Coyote!

I figured I’d post more art since I finished this too and it’s up at deviantart. Makes me feel like a real artist, you know? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. For the most part, I feel like I am. I think this proves it.


Let me know what you think. This is Blackbird, my Coyote character. Well, basically, she’s me. Hence, the Blackbird (Snailbird being her nickname). Does it not make sense to you?

Too bad, it makes sense to me.

4 responses to “More Art: Coyote!”

  1. Mac says:

    Nikki, you are one talented girl. O_o I need to go find my deviantArt account…

  2. Mom says:

    Draw me something, Pupacha. could you? Please?

  3. Mom says:

    I need more art work for the wall of fame!!!

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