Artist Showcase: Viet-My Bui!

First Artist Showcase of the New Year and the honor goes to the amazing Viet-My Bui! I have been an avid follower of hers on Deviantart for the past five years, and never once have I been let down by her brilliant work. Her pieces are simply stunning.

Ravenskar 01

Viet-My is Vietnamese by descent but was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently going to school for Commerce/Law, but hopes to peruse her dreams of Art & Design once she graduates. I think she’s doing a fabulous job of it right now. From her DA info (because she says it best): “She is often found having lunch, but has stayed the same weight for the past six years. She understands this is probably a good thing, but fears that her body is a cholesterol time-bomb and that in twenty years’ time, she’ll inflate in her sleep and drown in 40 years’ worth of fatty deposits. ” She’s intelligent, artistic, beautiful, and funny.

Ravenskar 02

Viet-My’s pieces are just incredible. The attention to detail and the textures she uses in her artwork are beautiful. Her primary focus is beautiful women and I cannot even count how many times I’ve used her artwork for my desktop (I have a weakness for beautiful girls). The expressions used, the light in the eyes, and personality of each piece shines. Her style is one of a kind, and I was hard-pressed to choose just three pictures to put in this showcase. Pretty sure I have almost all of her artwork Favorited somewhere. Go check out her DA gallery for more impressive and inspirational works of art.

Ravenskar 03

More places you can find Viet-My Bui:

Deviantart: ravenskar
Twitter: @vmbui
Tumblr: Viet-My Bui
CGHub: Ravenskar
Carbonmade: Ravenskar

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