Artist Showcase: Matt Spangler!

Who doesn’t love Robots? They are made well, good to have around the house, and they are pretty damn cute. At least the ones drawn by Matt Q. Spangler are. I’m not quite sure when or how it was that I met Matt though I think it was through twitter, but as soon as I saw his illustrations, I was hooked. Robots + Art = Love.

Matt was born and raised in California, and his love for electronics came at an early age. “My mom used to give me broken (and sometimes not) clocks, radios, electronics, and let me to take them apart and see how things worked. Of course I could never put them back together, but the curiosity turned me into a full time tech geek and robot fan.” His passion certainly shines in his artwork.

Matt doesn’t just draw robots – he draws robots with personality. Each bot has a name and a story, from Rock Bot (who I fondly refer to as BowieBot in my head) to Robo-Squids to Heart-bot. I love them all. He gives his reader a daily dose of robot art and since I first started following him, my day just doesn’t start off right without a one. Along with the well drawn robots, Matt also has a great eye for color – these particular illustrations (he does other non-robot artwork) use muted colors but personally, I feel it makes the subject matter come out even more. It adds to their characters. Please take a moment to check out this great illustrator – if you love robots, you’ll love these.

Find out more about Matt here:

Store: Lunarc
Twitter: @mattqspangler

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